Watch movies made for The Chaos Project!

Season 0 Official Trailer:

A simple still-image trailer featuring custom voice mixing of the iconic voice actors of Sonic Adventure 2. The only place you’ll ever get to hear the real Eggman say “The Chaos Project.”


Sprite Animation – The Bigger They Come:

A complete scene from Episode 7 of Season 1, recreated using sprites animated in the memorable style of the Sonic Advance series. Don’t be afraid to shed a tear as you witness the bond that has formed between Sonic and Shadow over the friend they’ve both lost.


Sprite Trailer – Water Rising (Sonic Adventure 20th Special):


Basically a hybrid of the two movies seen above, made to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sonic’s leap into the world of 3D (and more importantly, good storytelling). Now featuring a whole bunch of custom-made, cleanly-animated close-ups, as well as the lovely Open Your Heart K-Klub Remix.


Madness Inside — Theme of Blacklight the Hedgehog (Acapella Version)

Created for the 2020 Blacklight Takeover, this theme song was created by someone with no musical talent. Don’t listen to it unless you’re prepared for cringe. (Lyrics available if you turn on closed captions.)