Blacklight’s Totally Legitimate and Definitely Official Theme Song Part 2


[Blacklight]: So, my last theme song didn’t go so well.

[Shadow]: Because it wasn’t your theme song.

[Blacklight]: But I wasn’t willing to give up so easily! So I made a quick call to my old pal, Johnny Gioeli, you may have heard of him.

[Shadow]: You have Crush 40’s phone number?

[Blacklight]: That’s right, the writer and performer of “Open Your Heart,” “Live and Learn,” “Green Light Ride,” all your Sonic favorites. And, wouldn’t you believe it, he already wrote me a theme song! And he never even told me! Such a jokester, that Johnny.

[Shadow]: Where could this possibly be going…?

[Blacklight]: It’s going right here! To my new official theme song, titled, “Call Me Crazy.”

[Blacklight]: Ha ha ha ha ha…go away. I love that ending. And if you ask me, the song’s a bit less dated than that other one. It really reflects how I’m a new character for a new age.

[Shadow]: Really? Now you’re trying to pass this off as your theme song? You have to kidding me…

[Blacklight]: Oh, and let me guess. This one is somehow yours as well?

[Shadow]: No, it isn’t mine. It’s an independent song. If anything, it’s about Mr. Gioeli himself. This album, “Driving Through Forever,” was published in conjunction with Team Sonic Racing last year. Long after you got killed off of the show. Under what context could this have been used for you?

[Blacklight]: Well, it’s not like it actually played in a game or anything. It was just a song that my buddy Johnny wrote in reaction to his realization of what an amazing character I am. Mr. C sure doesn’t have his phone number, so we had to meet under other circumstances first, which took a while. Then he needed time to write and publish the song.

[Shadow]: If it was supposed to be about you, wouldn’t it refer more specifically to you, or your history, or the theme of contrast that defines you?

[Blacklight]: I mean, the guy’s trying to sell albums here, he couldn’t exactly let the world know that he based a song off of an OC from some guy’s fanfic.

[Shadow]: Really? So, tell me, who exactly would you be talking to in this song that’s supposedly about you?

[Blacklight]: Well, you, of course. Who else would call me crazy so adamantly, whom I desire validation from and yet hate with a fiery passion? Also, you have been to outer space. Just saying.

[Shadow]: “There’s an ocean full of you that swims around me?” What exactly would that mean?

[Blacklight]: I don’t know, I didn’t write the song. But if I were to take a guess, I’d say that it refers to how the thought of you surrounds me completely, how everything I do and everything I see relates back to you in some way.

[Shadow]: Wow, you really need some professional help.

[Blacklight]: And this is news to you?

[Mr. C]: (offscreen) So when are you going to tell everyone that you don’t actually have Johnny Gioeli’s phone number?

[Shadow]: Yeah, this isn’t your theme song either. Let it go.

[Blacklight]: You don’t know everything…

Crush 40 is awesome. Please support them by buying their latest album.

And no, Johnny Gioeli is not a guest on the show. If you ask him any questions, they probably won’t be answered.

Review: Season 1, Episode 16

Well…here it is. My first attempt at a comedy. No matter how hard I try, it seems that I just can’t remove the serious plot development. So this episode ended up just feeling really weird to me, like…like you have a hard time laughing because you have to look out for important plot points. Honestly, I think I just needed more jokes. But I figured forcing in a bunch of extra jokes that even I wouldn’t find funny would defeat my own purpose. I went in to this hoping for something iconic and unforgettable, something like some of my favorite episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender, and I definitely fell short in my opinion. But hey, I’ll settle for a lighthearted chuckle before the dark finale to come.

They say it’s a bad idea to explain a joke, but I actually don’t have a whole lot else to say here, so I think I’ll point a few things out, just to be sure that they were understood. Heavy Magician’s unnamed transformation hijinks went as follows: Bark the Polar Bear, Bean the Dynamite Duck, Tiara Boobowski the Manx (of the cancelled Sonic X-treme), “Speedy” AKA Battle Kukoo XVI (of Tails Adventure), and lastly, Madonna (the scrapped character intended to be Sonic’s girlfriend in the original Sonic the Hedgehog). She actually quoted a couple songs from the real-world artist Madonna (including “Open Your Heart,” a natural connection to make). Her disguises for Big and Froggy first referenced the recent Team Sonic Racing Overdrive animated shorts, then proceeded to reference Scratch and Grounder, Eggman’s robotic companions from the early Sonic cartoons, and of course, R2-D2 and C-3P0 of Star Wars, the most famous robotic duo of all time.

Let’s see, anything else to explain? Cubot’s role in this episode was inspired by…well, technically, myself. Back in Season 0, Cubot implied that he may have a crush on Magician. It was meant to be a one-off joke, but I decided to roll with it, thanks in part to a suggestion by our good friend Yuni Oha. There is one other joke which was a bit unusual. Sonic being set off at the thought of Tails thinking someone else is cooler than him. This was actually a request left by a reader after the last episode, so big thanks to “sonic vs evil” for contributing the idea to this episode. I don’t think that they quite had it in mind as a joke, but I adapted the idea to this episode as best I could.

I suppose I should talk about the lasting impact that this episode may have. I wasn’t intending on bringing in the Spacial Ruby plot quite so soon, but…well, I needed a macguffin. Even though no Ruby was actually present in this episode, they are very much real. And with Eggman and Infinite both looking for them, they’re bound to turn up eventually.

And of course, there’s the more immediate impacts. There is a Death Egg, and its launch is imminent. But what exactly could Eggman do with a Death Egg when he already controls the world? Well…we’ll find out very soon.

-And until then, remember to live and learn every day!

S1 E12: Water Rising (Sonic Adventure 20th Anniversary Special)

Thunder, rain, and lightning. Danger, water rising. Clamor, sirens wailing. The newest episode of The Chaos Project looks like a bad sign. Can Eggman’s newest creation be trusted, by friend or foe alike? Or will it inevitably seek the world’s destruction?

You can read this very special episode, right now, right here!

On a side note, I really want to apologize. This entire website has been completely inactive since I published the sprite preview over a month ago. I wanted to get this episode out the very next week, but sometimes, life just gets in the way. Regardless, I think it’ll be worth the wait!

-Until next time, open your heart, and it’s gonna be alright!

A REAL Preview: Sonic Adventure Special Episode (S1 E12)

That’s right, folks. It’s happening again. I’ve poured all my heart and soul into making another sprite animation, this one in the true style of a trailer for the epic event that’s coming. Please, take a look.