Official Announcement: Sonic Forces me to Question My Own Judgement

Long title, but I couldn’t resist. Anyhow, I’ve mentioned a few times before that the general theme of Sonic Forces is very similar to my own ideas for this story, which scares me. I’m getting a little tired of using the words “wait and see.” Well, I waited until today, and I saw. New Sonic Forces footage has been released from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), with more likely to come. This new footage, seen below, actually has me a heck of a lot more excited for the game than I already was, but it also makes me even more scared than ever.

The very first thing you do as Sonic is to go look for Shadow (I think)! It’s so obvious, and it’s so amazing! Story implications for this game just went through the roof! After Sonic Boom, I was really afraid for what they would do with Shadow should he ever reappear in the canon, but now it’s clear that they’re putting him in what is perhaps the exact role I would want to see. But, while nothing absolutely shockingly new happened in this footage (except maybe Silver, but that was already leaked), it put a lot of things in perspective. It is now clear that “Join the Resistance” isn’t just an arbitrary tagline. There is very clearly a larger resistance force at work than just Sonics and the Hero (or is it Avatar now?), especially given the appearance of “Soldier” during the Hero gameplay, suggesting that the forces go beyond even Sonic’s group of friends (a step above what I had planned for at least the first season, so kudos to Sonic Team for that).

Point is, this is turning out a lot closer to what I have than what I was expecting. But it’s not time to abandon ship just yet. Currently, we are finishing up the “Birth of Blacklight” arc. Next up is the “Dawn of Chaos” arc (I’ll give you one guess at the character it introduces). After that was a planned arc which does not have a solidified name yet, which would tie up loose ends and set the stage for Crisis of Chaos. The concept for that…well, let’s just call it “Shadow Forces.” It’s not exactly the same setup as Sonic Forces, but it’s very similar. Sonic becomes incapacitated, and Eggman (as well as another foe) begin taking over the world, with little to stand in their way. Tails manages to recruit Shadow to fight back, then GUN manages to recruit both of them to form a team of generals, composed of all (or most, anyways) of Sonic’s friends. What ensues is a war, including tactics of diversion and defense very similar to those described by the characters in this new gameplay footage. I can no longer ignore these similarities. That’s why I’ve decided to hold back on writing this arc altogether, until I witness the story of Forces for myself, beginning to end. November is quite a ways away. I’ll continue releasing the next two arcs as normal, but after that there will be a long break while I figure this out. I purposefully left room in the timeline for more games to happen between Sonic Lost World and Speed of Time, but I never expected something so heavy on lore after what we’ve been getting over the past 10 years or so. Worst case scenario, Sonic Forces completely obliterates any semblance of canon that my story ever had, and I’ll have to make a spectacular decanonizing special episode very soon into Season 1. That would likely mean that the events of Sonic Forces would be ignored for this upcoming arc, and it would proceed as normal. Best case scenario (which probably isn’t happening at this point because of Silver), everything about Forces falls perfectly into place, stepping on none of my metaphorical toes, in which case I might even be able to convert what I have into a Forces sequel (or at least tie-in).

Speaking of Silver, I give about a 95% chance that I’ll have to start doing some retconning (assuming that I accept Forces as canon to the Chaos Project universe). That would mean literally going back and changing the content of those episodes, and making a note on this website of what was changed. I did what I did with Silver because I assumed he would almost certainly never appear in an important role in a canon Sonic game ever again. Because of that assumption, I constructed the story in a way that does not allow for him to appear between then and 06. But now, he does. Of course, I feel like chances are relatively high (maybe 40% as of now) that this game will end with a giant reset button ala Sonic 06, self-decanonizing the entire contents of the game, including any interactions with Silver. I’m not sure why they would want to do that after the way people complained about 06, but then again, how else would they explain such a rapid removal of Eggman’s influence over 99% of the world? Of course, there are plenty of magic explanations out there, but a time reset would certainly be the easiest and cleanest. One last thing of note is the “Soldier” mentioned earlier. In my story, I have so far inferred and intend to elaborate on the fact that Shadow was one of the only animoids involved with GUN. Of course, there are others, such as Rouge, but the point being made was that it is an occupation dominated by humans. Mr. Soldier was definitely not a human. This doesn’t exactly contradict my story, but I’d say it deserves an explanation. Mr. Soldier may end up with a real name and a character-of-the-week appearance in the Chaos Project. Of course, he might not have been GUN at all, but I’d say the helmet was pretty reminiscent. I’d actually be a little upset if they decided that they should include a military that isn’t GUN. It exists for a reason. But, I suppose Mr. Soldier could be an average joe who only became a soldier when he joined Sonic’s forces, sort of like the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars. I’d be okay with that, but I still really hope they don’t ignore the existence of GUN in this game. It’d be a big waste and a disappointment.

-Until next time, remember, destiny lies before you.

EDIT: 10 steps forward and 1 step back! Take a look.

The preview image for the video alone tells you all you need to know. I was very wrong about the role of Shadow. I’m very fearful of character reversion, but, if we’re being honest, it’s small price to pay for a game with a dramatic, potentially deep and enriching story with continuity to the rest of the series. I won’t even go in to the thousand different theories running through my head. (By the way, Chaos looks gorgeous.)


Preview: Season 0, Episode 9

On the next episode of The Chaos Project, a hero will rise. On the streets of Westopolis, a city changed forever by the Black Arms invasion, legend speaks of a shadowy figure who protects the people from harm. Now, that legend has returned.

In a dim alleyway between two tall buildings, a woman walks, carrying a small purse. “Excuse me, miss?” She turns around to see a very large man addressing her.

“Wh-what do you want?”

“Oh, nothing much. You, see, it’s just that The Boss decided that he needs a little bit more out of you. You understand, I’m sure?”

“B-but I already payed my dues this month. Why does he want more?”

“Ooh, I’d be careful if I were you. It’s not a very good idea to question The Boss. The Boss gets what The Boss wants. So, are you going to hand it over?” He pounds a fist into an open hand. “Or am I going to have to take it from you?”

“P-please, I can’t afford another payment, not yet!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.” He begins to take several steps closer to her.

She cries out, “Somebody, help me!” Suddenly, a small, red projectile sticks into the floor between them, thrown from high above.

A deep, rumbling, artificially disguised voice shouts “Hold it right there!” Both of the humans look up, surprised, to the source of the voice. High on the top of the building, a silhouetted figure stands, with a tattered cloak billowing in the wind. The figure leaps from the roof, dives through the air, and lands gracefully on the ground behind the man.

The man turns to face his own assailant. The figure has the height of an animoid, but is covered head-to-toe in a skin-tight black suit. Outside of the suit is a dirty, tattered cloak worn around the shoulders, its hood up and shadowing the eyes. He also wears a pair of dark red gloves. The man starts to panic, “Hey, hold up, this all just one big–”

“Don’t play games with me.” The figure looks back to the woman. “Get out of here. Go on, go. This man won’t be bothering you ever again.”

“Who…who are you?”

“I’m no one. Now get out of here.” She obeys, and runs off. He turns back to the man. “Is this how you get your kicks? Stealing from innocent people? Disgusting.”

The man starts to back away in fear. “No, it’s not that, it’s…The Boss, he–”

“Just can it already. You and I both know that King didn’t ask you for anything. You just wanted to get him a little more than he was expecting. To save your own behind from some other slip-up, I assume?”

“You, you don’t understand, he, he, he has my family, if I don’t please him then he’ll, he’ll–”

“I know all about you and your family. Now I’m only going to ask this once. Where is King?”

“I-I don’t know where–”

He grabs the man by the shirt collar. “Answer the question!”

“I swear, I don’t know! I’ve never seen him face-to-face. But there is…a messenger. It’s the same man every time. I don’t know his name.”

“Do you know where I can find him?”

“I’m supposed to meet him at this time in a week. The corner of 25th street and Emerald Way. I don’t know anything else, I swear!”

“I believe you. Now get out of here.”

“The Bo-…King…. My family, he’ll–”

“He won’t get the chance. I’ll make sure of it. Now go. Take your family, and get as far away from Westopolis as you possibly can.”

“He’ll find us. He always finds them…”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.”

“…Thank you…stranger. Please, tell me who you are. Who, do I tell my children, saved us?”

“I don’t have a name. But some call me…the Black Cloak.”