Episode Guide


Premiere Event

Episode 1: Crisis of Chaos Part 1
From the future, a single message: “The Darkness is coming.” The world will be conquered by the end of the next day, unless Sonic, Shadow, and the mysterious Chaos the Hedgehog can find a way to stop it. What can stop the end of the world?
Important events: Introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Chaos the Hedgehog (to the story), Blacklight the Hedgehog, and Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Shadow, Chaos, Blacklight, Eggman

Episode 2: Crisis of Chaos Part 2
Eggman’s power is undeniable, especially now that he’s teamed up with another powerful villain. The trio of hedgehogs must uncover and stop their plan before it’s too late, each splitting up and trying their own method. But what if Eggman can’t be stopped?
Important Events: Introduction of Miles “Tails” Prower. Eggman obtains sixth Chaos Emerald.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Chaos, Eggman

Episode 3: Crisis of Chaos Part 3
The invasion has begun. The most powerful machines ever created have been unleashed upon three major cities, machines which would conceivably require Super Forms to defeat. And the hedgehog trio has only one Chaos Emerald between them with which to fight. But they have a few surprises of their own. How can the world be saved against such overwhelming odds?
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Shadow, Chaos

Episode 4: Crisis of Chaos Part 4
The trial is over. Now, the final battle can begin. With the hedgehogs weakened and the other side still running strong, the outlook seems grim. Sonic already has a contingency plan. But will it really come to that? And who will be lost along the way?
Important events: Death of Chaos the Hedgehog and Blacklight the Hedgehog. Earth’s demise and the rise of the Eggman Empire.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Shadow, Chaos, Blacklight

Season 0: Chaos Rising

Speed of Time Arc

Episode 1: A Glitch in Time
One year before the events of Crisis of Chaos, and roughly one year after the events of Sonic Colors, strange vortexes begin appearing all over, with no obvious explanation. The obvious culprit is none other than Doctor Eggman. But a far greater threat may be at hand.
Important events: Introduction of Zero the Hedgehog.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Tails

Episode 2: Ground Zero
A mysterious hedgehog with a mysterious past, wandering alone in a ruined world, is faced with an opportunity he had only dreamed of. To save the world. But he is not alone. In reality, he never has been.
Important events: Introduction of Silver the Hedgehog.
Spotlight Characters: Zero, Silver

Episode 3: Silver Lining
The future’s not what it used to be. And now that the future has been invaded by Chronos, Silver the Hedgehog is the only one who can stop it. But Chronos is just as powerful as the hedgehogs have been led to believe. Can Silver really stop him? And what happens when the three hedgehogs meet?
Important events: Introduction of Amy Rose.
Spotlight Characters: Silver, Sonic, Zero, Amy

Episode 4: Once, Upon Many a Time
The three heroes of time have begun their quest. Each has a mission, and each plans to succeed. But as the level of danger continues to rise, tensions rise as well, and the whole operation may fall apart. Is Janice really hiding something?
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Zero, Amy, Eggman (Robotnik)

Episode 5: In Due Time…
Things seem to be going well for the hedgehogs as they continue their mission. But in traveling near to their own times, Sonic and Silver must each face a personal problem that they could never have expected. Will Silver really have to destroy the Chaos Emeralds? Why is Sonic such a fool? And who can finally snap him out of it?
Important Events: Destruction of the Chaos Emeralds (in the future). Sonic’s Epiphany.
Spotlight Characters: Silver, Sonic, Shadow

Episode 6: Behind the Times
The final battle fast approaches. But when Zero refuses to visit his own past, he is forced to switch with Silver, who had been visiting his own past. What will each of these hedgehogs discover about the other? What really happened to Zero, and what happened to his world? What is Janice really hiding?
Spotlight Characters: Silver, Zero

Episode 7: Race Against Time Part 1
Time is up! Now that all of the Sapphires have been gathered, the time to enter the realm of Chronos has finally come, and with only a few minutes to spare. But Chronos is more powerful than any of the hedgehogs had imagined. Will the Sapphires be enough to stop him? And can Janice truly save the universe?
Important Events: Janice’s Betrayal.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Silver, Zero

Episode 8: Race Against Time Part 2
Banished and unable to escape, each one blaming themselves, the hedgehogs must join with an unexpected ally to return to the Timestream and save the universe once and for all. But can they really overcome the power of the Temporal Sapphires? And what secrets lie in wait for them if they do?
Important Events: Restoration of Time. First Contact with the Lords of Chaos.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Silver, Zero, Tails

Black Cloak Arc

Episode 9: Black Cloak Begins
Shadow the Hedgehog is missing. The only clue to his location lies in Westopolis, a city transformed by the Black Arms invasion. G.U.N. desperately wants their best operative back, but Sonic doesn’t seem too interested in cooperating. And when he finally starts searching for Shadow on his own, he meets with an even greater mystery. Who is the Black Cloak?
Important Events: Introduction of Black Cloak. Disappearance of Shadow.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Black Cloak

Episode 10: Black Cloak Rises
Sonic may have made it into Westopolis, but the search for Shadow is far from over. Even with help from an old ally, much still stands in their way. And the Black Cloak is busy with plans of his own. With few leads to follow, and with King and Eggman together working against them, can the heroes ever find who their looking for? Can they even survive?
Important Events: Introduction of Rouge the Bat.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Rouge, Black Cloak

Episode 11: Black Cloak and Sonic
Sonic and Black Cloak have been lost down a chasm, barely escaping the last fight with their lives. Now they must escape together. Sonic wants to take advantage of the time to learn all he can. And the Black Cloak seems surprisingly willing to share. But for every question he answers, two more are posed. What is he really hiding?
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Black Cloak

Episode 12: Black Cloak Forever Part 1
Sonic thinks that he’s finally caught on to the Black Cloak’s deceptions, but Black Cloak still won’t allow Sonic to stand in his way. But Sonic isn’t the only one who’s learned something. And when King captures Black Cloak at last, the truth will finally be revealed.
Important Events: Black Cloak’s identity revealed.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Black Cloak/Shadow

Episode 13: Black Cloak Forever Part 2
The time has come for King to carry out his revenge. After all of this time, he is prepared to do whatever it takes to destroy the hedgehog who ruined his life. Shadow the Hedgehog. Does the Ultimate Life Form stand a chance against the self-proclaimed Ultimate Being?
Important Events: Defeat of King. Restoration of Westopolis.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Shadow/Black Cloak, Rouge

Birth of Blacklight Arc

Episode 14: Project: Sunlight
Shadow finally sits down to read the mysterious file given to him by Rouge. But Eggman seems to have gotten hold of the same file, and has something sinister planned. Witness as both discover the truth of what happened 40 years ago. Who is Sunlight?
Important Events: Introduction of Sunlight the Hedgehog.
Spotlight Characters: Shadow, Sunlight, Eggman

Episode 15: Project: Needlemouse
The timeline has been changed. And Shadow is the only one who knows about it. He only has one chance: to go back in time and fix everything. With the help of an unlikely ally, he may just be able to do it. But the timeline isn’t the only thing that needs to be saved.
Important Events: Creation of alternate timeline, Death of alternate Eggman (“Ivo”).
Spotlight Characters: Shadow, Sonic

Episode 16: Project: Whiteout
Sunlight isn’t an easy person to deal with, but Shadow is willing to do anything to gain the trust of this person he can only call his brother. But Sunlight has plans of his own. What does he really know? How does he know it? Can Shadow really lead him down the correct path? Or will he be the one led away?
Important Events: Introduction of E-123 Omega.
Spotlight Characters: Shadow, Sunlight

Episode 17: Project: Chaos
As Shadow and Sunlight arrive at the home of an ancient Echidna clan of thousands of years ago, Sunlight continues to invite havoc and destruction. Though hopes are low and Shadow is less certain than ever, one person still thinks that Sunlight can be saved. Can Shadow really do it? Or will Sunlight take away everything that he’s ever cared about?
Important Events: Introduction of Tikal the Echidna, Maria Robotnik, and Gerald Robotnik. Sunlight becomes Blacklight.
Spotlight Characters: Shadow, Sunlight, Tikal

Episode 18: Project: Shadow
Blacklight stands between Shadow and the girl he never though he would get to see again. “Time and time again you’ve proven to me that you don’t deserve my help!” This time, Blacklight has gone too far. This time, Shadow can’t hold back. “Maria!”
Spotlight Characters: Shadow, Blacklight, Maria

Episode 19: Project: Blacklight
It all comes down to this. The ultimate battle of opposites. The Light of Shadow versus the Darkness of the one who was once Sunlight. One force will not stop until the other is vanquished. So which is more powerful? The fate of history depends on the answer.
Important Events: Restoration of the timeline. Concealment of Blacklight into the present.
Spotlight Characters: Shadow, Blacklight, Maria

Dawn of Chaos Arc

Episode 20: Earth and Sky
“Everything is wrong.” It seems that Shadow’s meddling in the timeline may have disastrous consequences. But with Shadow nowhere to be seen, it’s up to Sonic and his oldest friends to find out what’s really going on.
Important Events: Introduction of Chaos the Hedgehog (chronologically). Sonic’s Birthday.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles

Episode 21: Life and Death
Sonic isn’t the same irresponsible person he used to be. He’s determined to solve any problem that he’s caused. But with a powerful creature on the loose, that may be a harder task than it sounds. Who is the Moonstone hedgehog?
Important Events: Introduction of Lumis.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Amy, Chaos

Episode 22: Day and Night
With Sonic, Amy, and the mysterious Moonstone hedgehog captured, it’s up to Tails and Knuckles to work together and save them. Only then can the truth finally be revealed. But sometimes, the truth can hurt.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chaos

Episode 23: Order and Chaos
With Sonic’s once-ally now turned to an enemy, it’s become a race for the Chaos Emeralds. And if one ally can’t be trusted…who else might be a danger? Can Sonic and friends stop the destruction of the Balance before it even begins?
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chaos

Episode 24: Light and Dark Part 1
It’s done. Eggman has all of the Chaos Emeralds, and our heroes seem tired and beaten. But they won’t give up so easily. With himself standing as the only thing in the way of the villain’s plans, can Sonic and friends save the Balance of the world before it’s too late? The final battle is about to begin.
Important Events: The Ritual of Illumination begins.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chaos

Episode 25: Light and Dark Part 2
Time is running out. If Sonic and friends don’t act quickly, the Balance of the world will be destroyed. They only have one last chance. And they have to go all out. But what is Eggman really planning?
Important Events: The Ritual of Illumination is ended. Lumis rejoins the Lords of Chaos. Sonic begins training under Chaos.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chaos

Sonic Forces Special Episodes

Episode 26: Infinite Possibilities
“In the darkest of times…the world needs a hero.” And those dark times are approaching once again. Infinite has struck. And this time, he’ll take Sonic down as many times as he has to. Even if it takes an eternity. Can Sonic stop what never ends, before it’s too late? And how is Infinite really here?
Important Events: Blacklight becomes Infinite. The Phantom Ruby is damaged. Sonic is defeated.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Tails, Chaos, Blacklight (Infinite)

Episode 27: After the Fight
Infinite was defeated. The war was won. The world was saved. Or was it? What happened to the real Phantom Ruby? What happened to Infinite? Why did it take so long for Classic Sonic to go home? Perhaps there is more to the story than we know. Witness, now, the true final battle that Sonic Forces deserved.
Important Events (2 years ago): Introduction of Classic Sonic, “Hero” (Wolf Avatar), and Infinite (the Jackal). The Phantom Nightmare is defeated. Infinite acquires the Phantom Ruby. Blacklight steals the Phantom Ruby, trapping Infinite in Null Space.
Spotlight Characters: Sonic, Classic Sonic, “Hero” (Wolf Avatar), Infinite (the Jackal)

Forces of Chaos Arc

Episode 28: No One Left to Save the World
Almost two years have passed since the First Great Eggman War came to an end. But with Sonic defeated by the new wielder of the Phantom Ruby, Eggman has started war once again, taking the planet piece by piece. And with Sonic gone, who else can stand up to such power?
Important Events: Blacklight escapes from Null Space. The Second Great Eggman War begins.
Spotlight Characters: Shadow, Tails, “Hero”

Episode 29: The Gears Begin to Turn
The Second Great Eggman War has been set in motion. Now fighting a war on two fronts, against Eggman with his Hard Boiled Heavies, and Blacklight with his Phantom Ruby Replicas, Shadow and the rest of the new Resistance will take help anywhere they can get it. Even from the darkest of villains.
Important Events: Introduction of Hard Boiled Heavies.
Spotlight Characters: Shadow, Tails, Infinite (the Jackal), Heavy King

Episode 30
Coming soon…