Concept Guide

Note: This page is severely out of date. Eventually, I intend to completely replace this page with the Reader’s Companion. Eventually. Until then, the information here is still accurate, just missing a lot.

As I’m sure you may have noticed, The Chaos Project is full of ideas made for it, mixed without discretion with concepts already existing in the Sonic universe. As time goes on, this may become more and more confusing. If you ever read something in an episode that sounds completely unfamiliar to you, but is given little or no explanation, you should definitely refer to this page for a refresher course. Just about everything is here, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, you should look it up online to see if it’s something from a real Sonic game. If you can’t find it here and can’t find it online, I have no problem with you asking me directly, preferably by PM or by e-mail ( All of the information here was created for The Chaos Project, unless it is written in italics.

The Flow of Chaos: This is a quite large, overarching concept, so it will be divided into subcategories. According to the current accepted Chaos Theory, Chaos is a natural energy which flows around the universe in four-dimensional channels, hence the “flow” in Flow of Chaos. It is a force related to the balance between positive and negative energies, and this balance has great significance. Chaos Energy can have various uses, and various manifestations. The most obvious of these is…

  • The Chaos Emeralds: Little was known about the Chaos Emeralds before the advent of The Chaos Project. Each is a near limitless source of power, power which is “polarized” in that it contains two opposite types of energy; light and dark (See the “?” Story of Sonic Adventure), which can be harnessed separately or together. According to legend, a miracle happens when all seven are brought together, and that theory has yet to be disproven, most often occurring in the form of Super Sonic. The power of individual Chaos Emeralds can be harnessed naturally only by a select few individuals. And that is really the extent of what was known.
    As of The Chaos Project, more has clearly been revealed, but much still remains a mystery. According to Professor Gerald Robotnik, the Chaos Emeralds act as “nodes” in the “network” of the channels by which Chaos Energy flows, and this is why they contain so much renewable energy. Meditation in proximity of a Chaos Emerald has been shown to increase one’s connection to the Flow of Chaos temporarily. Chaos Emeralds almost seem to have a mind of their own, never staying together for long, and always showing up where they seem to be needed most. Related are the Temporal Sapphires, which do for the flow of time what the Chaos Emeralds do for the Flow of Chaos. Time flows from one Sapphire to the next, and this process exudes Time Energy.
  • The Network of Chaos: As noted above, Chaos Energy naturally flows throughout the universe, forming a great network known as the Flow of Chaos. The process of Chaos Control allows one to be taken into one of the channels of this network, instantaneously transporting them to another place before letting them out. However, Chaos-users such as Sonic and Shadow have the ability, through meditation, to be taken into the Flow for a much longer period of time, allowing them to observe and gain a sense of the state of the universe, even looking forwards or backwards in time. It takes practice to view the universe as a whole, however, and it is a much simpler task merely to view the Flow around oneself.
  • Chaos Abilities: Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, certain individuals can gain superhuman (superhedgehog?) abilities, such as the well known Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, and Chaos Spear using one Emerald each, and the Super Form requiring all seven. Chaos Control is an ability fueled by the emotion of hope, and all Chaos Abilities seem to be fueled by some emotion or other. Newly introduced is the ability of Chaos Shield, which creates a barrier of energy, only used by Chaos the Hedgehog so far. Additionally, Blacklight the Hedgehog can use each Chaos Emerald to manipulate a different element, such as Chaos Frost with the white Emerald, Chaos Inferno with the red Emerald, and Chaos Void with the purple Emerald. Shadow can also use these by removing his Inhibitor Rings. A related ability is Time Control, only usable by Zero the Hedgehog, and using a Temporal Sapphire instead of a Chaos Emerald.
  • The Lords of Chaos: This mysterious chorus of voices somehow brought about the creation of the Chaos Emeralds, though their exact role in the event is still vague. They exist outside of the universe as Sonic and friends understand it, but they still experience linear time, with only the slightest ability to foresee major events in the very near future. Chronos, the lord of time, was related to them at some point in the ancient past, but hardly seems like the same sort of being. The Lords of Chaos exist to protect and strengthen the Balance between Light and Darkness, and the creation of the Chaos Emeralds was a supposedly failed attempt to do this. Typically, the only contact that the Lords of Chaos can have with the world is through the conversion of certain “aspects” of their reality into a crystalline structure in Sonic’s world, as theoretically happened with the Chaos Emeralds. However, they can reach into the mind of a Controller in contact with enough raw Chaos Energy, requiring both the Chaos Emeralds and the Temporal Sapphires. They are somehow directly related to Chaos the Hedgehog, and have spoken to him psychically without any such gems around.
  • The Controller: This is a title which has been given to Sonic, Silver, and Zero the Hedgehog. Being the Controller means having the ability to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds, but it goes far beyond that. A Controller can naturally draw from the Emeralds’ power, even without thinking about it. Chaos Energy is imbued in the very DNA of the Controller, and in the instance that a Controller should perish, this energy is passed on to a new life form. This Controller cycle is maintained by the will of the Lords of Chaos, making the Controller the only means by which they can have a direct impact on the world. Shadow does not have this title, but has instead been called “The Outlier,” which may be a related idea.

New Characters: Original characters are commonplace in the Chaos Project, and getting them all sorted out is understandably made especially difficult by the time-jumping nature of the premiere event and season 0. For more in-depth details on character personalities and abilities, please see the Character Guide, as this section focuses only on history and role in the story. Additionally, minor characters are not listed here, being thoroughly described in the Character Guide.

  • Chaos the Hedgehog: Chaos’ chronological reveal has not come yet, so little is known of his true nature. He is highly knowledgeable on the nature of Chaos Energy and the Chaos Emeralds, and spent the end of his life trying to teach those things to Sonic and Shadow. In his natural form, there is a rainbow-colored emerald embedded in his chest, which he can hide when not using Chaos Energy. This emerald seems to be the core of his existence, as he can draw his entire body into the emerald which Sonic can then use as a power source much like a regular Chaos Emerald.
  • Blacklight the Hedgehog: Blacklight is a character whose appearance and abilities are very similar to that of Shadow’s. He clearly has a history with Shadow, having a strong desire to defeat him. Little else is known about him.
  • Zero the Hedgehog: Zero is the original Controller, from the distant past. Zero’s “Awakening,” underwent in the laboratory of Doctor Gregor Robotnik, involved his artificial conversion from a simple animal into a sentient animoid, his DNA held together by Chaos Energy. Other experimental subjects like himself were created afterwards without such Chaos Energy, but he never saw any of them before they fled from him, fearing the power he revealed in escaping captivity. He is further plagued by the event he calls “The Chaos War,” a mutual self-destruction of nearly the entire world over the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Silver the Hedgehog: Silver isn’t a new character to the Sonic universe, but he might as well be, seeing as his only canon appearance in a Sonic game was erased from history. The new Silver comes from a new timeline, which is not in fiery ruin, but is instead an advanced utopia. Missing from his old life is Blaze the Cat, once his lifelong companion, who he no longer has any knowledge of. He similarly has no memory of Sonic, though Sonic can’t say the same of him. Like Sonic and Zero, he is a Controller. The last Controller. In his future, he is supposedly destined to destroy the Chaos Emeralds in order to spare the world of some greater threat. At the end of Speed of Time, he gave Sonic a locket from his childhood which can only be opened using his psychic powers, preventing Sonic from seeing inside, in the hopes that they would meet again.
  • The Black Cloak: Black Cloak is vigilante from Westopolis, who fights crime in the night wearing a ragged cloak. His true identity is, spoiler alert, Shadow the Hedgehog. His goal was to dethrone King the Wolf, who had seized power in Westopolis after the Black Arms invasion. This was successfully accomplished, and all traces of the Black Cloak’s existence were left behind in the hidden “Cloak Cavern,” perhaps to be rediscovered some time in the future.