Character Guide

Meet the cast of The Chaos Project! Here you’ll find character names, pictures, bios, and current status. Characters are listed in an extremely general order of importance, which is subject to change as time goes on. Take special note of the characters denoted by an asterisk, which show images that you can’t find anywhere else, made by me. Especially for newly-introduced characters, that should really help you visualize the series.
Warning: This page contains spoilers. If you aren’t caught up, then browse at your own risk.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Bio: This blue speedster needs no introduction. For years, he’s been foiling Eggman’s many devious schemes. When Eggman takes over the world, it’s no surprise that Sonic is the first to fight back, and it’s clear that he is now dedicated to the task of protecting the world from him.

In recent times, Sonic’s dedication had begun to falter as he became rather indifferent to the world around him, caring more about his own entertainment above all. But Shadow was able to snap him out of it. Even as the main and original character of the series, surprisingly little is known about Sonic’s past. When Eggman first struck on that fateful day in the Green Hill Zone, why was it that Sonic, a young teenager, was all alone, without any family, without much of anything?
Sonic has now been revealed as “The Controller,” a single individual chosen by the Lords of Chaos to wield the power of the Chaos Emeralds, in order to protect Balance in the world. Though this responsibility added a weight to Sonic’s shoulders, what is expected of him is no different than what he’s always done, and so he continues to fight.

Besides his ability to run at mach speeds, Sonic has the ability to attack by rolling into a ball, both in the air and along the ground. He is nimble and athletic, able to do all sorts of stunts at speed, such as rail-grinding, parkour, and swinging from any sort of rope or rail. With the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds, he can transform into the invincible, light-speed Super Sonic. More recently acquired is his ability to teleport through Chaos Control, using at least one Chaos Emerald. Over time, his speed-based powers have only increased, as he’s learned to run across water and up vertical surfaces indefinitely, by drawing on the power of the Chaos Emeralds.
Status: Rebel (Leader)

Emperor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik*
Emperor Eggman
Bio: Dr. Eggman is the archnemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog. Unconfirmed reports place his IQ at 300, making him the smartest man alive. An inventor and a scientist, Eggman has decided to use the machines he invents to acquire power.

Using his genius, he created a device which can draw incredible amounts of energy from the Chaos Emeralds, which he used to power his largest army of robots ever, and to take over the world. Given multiple chances to redeem himself, Eggman has proven time and time again that he will never change his ways. He is constantly scheming a way to defeat Sonic…but some of his actions have inferred that he doesn’t want Sonic dead, regardless of how much he gets in the way. Eggman was once referred to as Robotnik, but that changed after his encounter with time-travelling Zero the Hedgehog, after which he believed he began to think bigger, and wanted a name to match. Why doesn’t Eggman want Sonic dead? What are Eggman’s true motives? How else has his past led him to become who he is today?

Eggman’s intellect is spent almost entirely on designing and constructing robots to do his bidding, as well as much larger mechs which he pilots himself. His most common mode of transportation is his hovering Egg Mobile, which has some light weaponry, but more importantly is capable of attaching to and becoming the control system for Eggman’s large mechs.
Status: Imperial

Metal Sonic*
Metal Sonic
Bio: Eggman made many attempts to create the perfect Sonic doppelganger. At first, they were slow, and bulky, unable to match Sonic’s speed. Metal Sonic changed that. The only machine ever able to match Sonic move-for-move, Metal Sonic claims himself to be “the one true Sonic.” True or not, he proved to be a formidable foe. And yet, like all the others before him, Metal Sonic was never able to best his rival. With each defeat, his hatred for Sonic grew stronger. After many battles, he took on the upgraded form of Neo Metal Sonic, and turned his back on his creator in a desperate attempt to claim supremacy. Yet still, he lost.

Following that battle, Metal Sonic, damaged nearly beyond repair, was taken into GUN custody, where he remained until the present. Though Eggman attempted to replicate this most successful model, no copy of Metal Sonic ever attained his ability to speak, nor his drive to succeed. Now, the true Metal Sonic has been released, and his whereabouts, as well as his intentions, are unknown.

Metal Sonic is not only able to match Sonic’s speed and power, but his thoughts as well. He possesses the uncanny ability to know exactly where Sonic will be, what he will do, and how to best antagonize him. Metal Sonic’s mechanical form also gives him an edge over Sonic in acceleration, as well as an array of energy-based attacks. By overloading his circuits, he can even exceed Sonic’s speed considerably.
Status: Rogue

Nack the Weasel AKA Fang the Sniper*
Bio: After hiding in the shadows for months, Fang finally revealed himself as the mysterious figure who was called upon by Eggman to take care of the Rebellion. Fang, then known as Nack, first encountered Sonic many years ago during one of his earliest adventures, and caused a great deal of trouble in that time. But his overconfidence, and lack of coordination, proved to be his downfall, and he seemed as much a danger to himself as Sonic was. He would always run at the first sign of failure, often tripping over himself in the process.

But in the years that have passed since, Fang has been hard at work. He swore that he would never bring a job to failure again, and now, he has the skills and the cunning to prove it. Fang is calm and calculating in almost everything that he does, though he is is still confident enough to remain comfortable even in the presence of some of the most dangerous people on the planet. He is also prone to laugh at the misfortune of his enemies. He only loses his cool when people continue to call him Nack, and he always corrects them with his preferred name. Though he was briefly employed by Eggman as the leader of the “Anti-Rebellion,” that team quickly crumbled, and Fang proved that his greatest loyalties are to no one but himself. He sought revenge against Sonic for their first encounter, but was defeated. His current whereabouts are unknown.

The title of “Sniper” certainly isn’t without meaning, as Fang has shown an incredible degree of marksmanship from great distances. The Popgun he once wielded was replaced by a new blaster of his own design, with settings to knock out and to kill, though he generally prefers the former, stating the desire to finish his opponents with his own hands. Fang has shown a similar degree of craftsmanship in upgrading and modifying his personal airbike, the Marvelous Queen, though his inventions often tend to backfire on him in the end.
Status: Unknown

Shadow the Hedgehog*
Bio: More than fifty years ago, a brilliant professor by the name of Gerald Robotnik had the dream of creating an artificial Ultimate Life Form, a being of purity to save humanity from itself. Shadow the Hedgehog was born. But when Project Shadow was shut down, and all aware of it executed, Shadow was placed cryogenic stasis, only to be discovered in the modern day by Dr. Eggman himself. Since then, his priority has always been himself, making his loyalty always questionable. Shadow spent some time after the invasion of the Black Arms serving in the military force, GUN.

Shadow later deserted under vague circumstances, apparently feeling distrusted and underappreciated, but also hiding some deeper secret. He soon began training with Sonic under Chaos the Hedgehog, learning all that there is to know about the Chaos Emeralds. Though close to finding a sense of belonging, Chaos’ death sent Shadow right back to a state of solitude and distrust. Shadow’s deep and complicated past can hardly be done proper justice by such a brief summary, and many questions are still left as to just who or what he is. How is it that he is so similar to Sonic, more than thirty years before Sonic was born? What memories, if any, are still lost to him? Which ones might be fake?
The Black Cloak: After his falling-out with GUN, Shadow traveled to Westopolis and donned a suit and mask, becoming the vigilante known as Black Cloak. His goal was to strike fear in the heart of King, a crime lord and mechanical genius who had seized power in Westopolis after the Black Arms invasion. In part through the intervention of Sonic and Rouge, King was successfully defeated and arrested, and Shadow abandoned the name of Black Cloak for good. Or did he? 

Shadow is Sonic’s equal in almost every way. His already naturally high speed is assisted by his jet-launching shoes, which also allow him to hover in the air for brief periods of time. Like Sonic, he can attack by rolling into a ball, but typically prefers hand-to-hand or armed combat. His connection with the Chaos Emeralds seems to go much deeper than Sonic’s; he can use multiple Chaos-based techniques, such as Chaos Blast and Chaos Spear, in addition to Chaos Control, which Sonic only learned from him. Super Shadow, powered by all seven Chaos Emeralds, is just as powerful as Super Sonic. Also of note are the Inhibitor Rings worn on Shadow’s wrists and ankles, which allow him to release a dangerous amount of power when removed. By removing them, Shadow has been shown gaining elemental Chaos abilities, such as Chaos Shine, powered by the yellow Chaos Emerald. Recently, Shadow discovered his ability to use Chaos Shield, a move shown to him by Chaos.
As the Black Cloak, Shadow carries small, precise throwing weapons of a shape which viewers may recognize as Shadow’s emblem seen on the cover of his title video game, as well as several other tools on his utility belt, such as a grappling gun and smoke bombs. He has also referenced and displayed a level of precision accuracy which could almost be called inhuman, only unknown prior because he doesn’t typically throw things.
Status: Rebel

Rouge the Bat
Rouge always seems to be at conflict with herself. On one hand, she is a self-proclaimed master jewel thief, a criminal and a scoundrel, but a very skilled one. On the other hand, she is employed as the President’s personal secret agent, as well as doing some lesser work for GUN. She has spoken of giving up treasure-hunting, but it certainly hasn’t happened yet. Rouge’s love of jewels is only surpassed by her loyalty to her closest friends, Shadow and Omega.

In the past, Rouge once truly was a master thief, along with her partner in crime, Sylvester “Sly” the Raccoon. But after she stole her first Chaos Emerald, everything changed. When GUN offered her a job in exchange for assistance in the arrest of her partner, she was forced to agree. In the first year of the war, Rouge attempted to join Eggman’s side as a double agent for the Rebellion. Though she successfully delivered vital information to the Rebellion, she was critically injured in the attempt to do so.

Besides her skill in both treasure-hunting and stealth, Rouge has an incredibly nimble and powerful kick, made lethal by her hard, sharp-toed boots. As a bat, she has a natural ability to fly and cling to walls. She is also quite skilled at digging, an understandable skill for finding treasure.
Status: Critical Condition

Discord the Chaos*
Bio: Never one to be without a working plan, Eggman created Discord by inducing a mutation in a Chao he raised himself. Eggman seemed to trust that Discord was absolutely loyal to him. He has shown a degree of compassion for all life, and yet held a violent, destructive power. When faced with the temptation of the Chaos Emeralds, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of suffering and destruction in the world, Discord went rogue. After a long and taxing battle against the Rebellion, Tikal and Chaos 0 were called out from the Master Emerald by Knuckles, and Chaos was able to cure Discord of the Chaos mutation, transforming it back into an ordinary Chao.

Discord has all the power of the original Chaos 0, perhaps even more. He was created to be a perfect soldier: able to blend in anywhere, slip through any crevice, and destroy without mercy. That merciless destructive power was proven many times before Discord was finally cured.
Status: Regenerating

E-123 Omega*
Omega was constructed by Dr. Eggman for unknown reasons, but his first assignment was to guard the room in which Shadow the Hedgehog was being held before his reawakening. Left active 24 hours a day for as much as three months with nowhere to go, Omega had plenty of time to contemplate the nature of his servitude. By the time that Rouge discovered him and Shadow, he had already committed himself to the eradication of all things Eggman. He has been working alongside Shadow and Rouge ever since, soon joining them under the banner of GUN.

Following the battle against Neo Metal Sonic, it was Omega who recovered him, taking him into GUN custody. Though Omega’s origin is relatively straightforward, nothing is truly known about what happened to him before the moment Shadow was awoken. What was he really built for?

Omega is a walking arsenal. Machine guns, missile launchers, and flamethrowers are just a few of the lethal weapons which can be swapped out for his equally deadly claws. He also has built-in jets which propel his movements, and allow him to hover for short periods of time.
Status: Rebel

Miles “Tails” Prower
Tails (1)
Bio: Tails first met Sonic soon before Eggman’s second attack, and they’ve been best friends ever since. Now just recently turned thirteen years old, he is an essential member of the team, as his knowledge in electronics and machinery is unparalleled, save for Dr. Eggman. The two have been shown to have quite a rivalry, but they have also proven that they can accomplish far more together than either could alone, on the rare occasion that they are forced to work to together in the first place. Tails looks up to Sonic almost as if they were brothers. The two are always worrying for each other’s safety, but they work well together.

But much in the same way as Sonic, Tails’ past is a bit of a mystery. He is only a child, and yet the closest thing to a guardian he has ever been shown to have is Sonic. What happened to his parents? And how exactly did he and Sonic meet?

Tails may be smart, but that doesn’t make him a poor fighter. He may not be as practiced at it, but he can attack in many similar ways as Sonic. More importantly, he can spin his twin tails fast enough to provide lift, letting him fly for as long as he doesn’t get tired. By changing the direction, he can instead use his tails to push himself along the ground, allowing him to move quite quickly, though far from Sonic’s speed. He can attack with his tails, but he doesn’t very often. Lastly, he can often be found piloting Sonic’s plane, the Tornado, which has various transformation modes, including a combat-ready mech. After the Tornado was destroyed, he built a more aerodynamic, combat-capable fighter plane, the Mach Tornado…which was also crashed and destroyed. How did Sonic get a plane, anyway?
Status: Rebel

Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles (1)
Knuckles was once an enemy of Sonic, but he now stands as one of his closest friends. He spends his days fulfilling his duty as the last surviving member of the Echidna race—guarding the sacred Master Emerald—at a shrine on the floating Angel Island. Knuckles has a hot temper, and can be quite gullible at times. Especially when it comes to the Master Emerald. He likes to think of himself as a lone wolf, but when his friends need his help, he steps in without hesitation. When the First Great Eggman War struck and Sonic disappeared, Knuckles stepped up to command the entire Resistance army.

Recently, many questions about him began to reach answers. Though it was Perfect Chaos that nearly wiped out the Echidna civilization thousands of years ago, there were enough survivors to repopulate—only to be wiped out over the course of the last few decades by the deadly Doom Virus. By the time Knuckles was old enough to speak, there was only one other Echidna left, whom he called “Nana,” to teach him of his heritage and his duty. She was buried at the base of the Red Mountain.

Knuckles is among the strongest of Sonic’s friends, perhaps rivaled only by Shadow (and Zero). The spiked protrusions from his hands, serving as his namesake, make a hit from him that much more deadly. They also allow him to climb walls and dig with ease, skills which are very important in helping him recover the pieces of the Master Emerald when it shatters. Most important to this is his natural mental link to the Emerald, allowing him to locate hidden shards from great distances away. Surprisingly enough, he also has the ability to glide gracefully through the air, though the exact reason why he can do this is unknown.
Status: Rebel

Vector the Crocodile*
Bio: Vector is the leader of Team Chaotix, a private detective agency that will take any job…for the right price. Vector doesn’t always seem very serious about his job, often seen relaxing and listening to music when he should be working, but his detective skills are undeniable. And he would never slack off enough to miss out on a payment. Often times, it can seem like Vector cares more about money than anything else, but he has a strong compassionate side, especially for his teammates, Espio and Charmy.

As a part of the Rebellion, Vector is responsible for gathering intelligence and reporting it to Sonic, making him rarely available at the base. Vector and the Chaotix have often been in the background when important events unfold, and their full story isn’t always known. How did the Chaotix first form?

Vector is quite strong, though not unnaturally so. But his true talent lies in his detective skills. He has a knack for seeing things that others can’t, drawing connections that can solve the mystery. He’s also been known to chew exploding bubblegum.
Status: Rebel

Espio the Chameleon*
Espio is the voice of reason at the Chaotix Detective Agency. Soft-spoken and disciplined, he provides the focus that his comrades Vector and Charmy often lack. Trained in the way of the ninja, Espio has a strong sense of honor and righteousness. Supposedly, he has the largest collection of ninja throwing stars, or shuriken, in the entire world, which he keeps loaded in the devices on his wrists for easy access on a moment’s notice. He is quite skilled with a variety of other weaponry, especially the kunai knife.

In the Rebellion, he typically assists Vector on recon missions, making him similarly unavailable most of the time. Before joining the Chaotix, Espio has admitted to having a poor temper. However, his studies of the ancient ninja arts, as passed down through the scrolls of Shino the Hedgehog, granted him the focus he needed.

As a ninja, Espio’s skill and precision is unsurpassed. Speed, agility, accuracy, and coordination are just a few of the general skills he boasts. Whether with a shuriken, kunai, or any other projectile, Espio can effortlessly hit a target from immense distances away. He is also quite skilled in the art of stealth, a skill helped along by his innate ability to camouflage himself, rendering him invisible to the untrained eye. He is likely trained in other “Ninja Arts” as well.
Status: Rebel

Charmy Bee*
Charmy (1)
Bio: Charmy is sort of like the mascot for the Chaotix. Loud, outgoing, and hyperactive, Charmy’s antics are known to get on Vector’s nerves rather often, but Espio is usually able to keep them from fighting. Usually. Some might even call Charmy downright annoying. But really, Charmy isn’t there just for show. Supposedly, his tracking skills are the best on the team. And his excitement for work as just another kind of game makes him a dedicated hard worker. Charmy has a love of nature and all living things, but can often become distracted from the task at hand by his own excitement.

In the Rebellion, Charmy doesn’t seem to be included in the recon missions that Vector and Espio frequent, a fact that he would most likely resent. Recently, he seems to have taken an interest in assisting Tails with medical issues. Like Vector and Espio, Charmy’s history pre-Chaotix is largely unknown. He’s just a young child, and Vector and Espio obviously aren’t his real parents. So what happened to his family?

Charmy is a bee. So he can fly. And sting. And…open…flowers? And he has tracking skills, apparently. He’s also the self-proclaimed “world’s fastest bug,” but he could simply be trying to sound cool like Sonic. That’s pretty much it.
Status: Rebel

Hero “Rookie” the Wolf (and Bruno the Wisp)*
Hero (2)
Bio: Hero was nobody. Growing up hearing stories of great heroes like Sonic the Hedgehog, he could do nothing but watch and dream. Even when war came to his city, he didn’t have the courage to join the battle. Until the battle came to him. Confronted by Infinite, he witnessed an entire squadron fall around him. Though he fled with his life, he resolved to do whatever he could to stop it from happening again, joining the front lines of the Resistance. And somehow, he ended up right by Sonic’s side as the war finally turned. Together, he and Sonic defeated Infinite and the Phantom Ruby.

Yet still, he seemed to see something in Infinite that no one else did. When the war ended, he left the Resistance on a mission of his own, apparently hoping to find Infinite. When he finally found him during the second war, he was unable to change him as he had hoped, and realized that he needed a new direction for his own life. He spent several months training with GUN afterwards. Hero has a kind and heroic heart, with the desire to help anyone in need, now with little fear to stop him. Though his confidence has greatly improved since he first began his adventure, it seems he is a little less secure when a friend such as Bruno isn’t there by his side. Hero never says much. Whether it be from some weight he carries with him, or because of some unknown event from his past, he prefers to speak through his actions. And through Bruno.

Bruno is a Red Burst Wisp that Hero met during the war. They quickly became friends, and are now almost inseparable. Hero understands Bruno, and Bruno understands Hero. And unlike Hero, Bruno is rather talkative. This can often lead to Bruno saying the things that Hero does not. Bruno is very friendly, but has quite a hot temper. He also has a slight tendency to become distracted.

Hero is skilled with many varieties of Wispon, although, especially with Bruno by his side, he seems to prefer the flame-throwing Red Wispon, which also doubles as a sort of portable pet house for Bruno. Hero also wields a wrist-mounted grappling gun, which he uses with incredible efficiency, swinging, pulling, and binding his opponents. What Hero lacks in natural ability, he more than makes up for in skill and utility.
Current Status: Rebel

Amy Rose
Amy has known Sonic for nearly as long as Tails has. After Sonic rescued her from Eggman and Metal Sonic, she decided to dedicate herself to romantically pursuing him, despite his objections. Amy is a dedicated friend, and will always stand up for those close to her. She is easily angered, having an intense temper. But her belief in the value of friendship is her most important quality.

Apparently, some time before the events of Sonic Adventure, Amy had a chance encounter with a time-traveling Zero the Hedgehog, leading to a change in outfit and to the acquiring of her iconic hammer. In the Rebellion, Amy has become the official unofficial counselor of the team, taking it upon herself to talk with people about the inevitable psychological issues that stem from fighting a war.

Amy is extremely skilled with her oversized Piko-Piko Hammer. Just one swing is enough to destroy almost anything, especially when she’s mad. She is also quite athletic, even able to use her hammer to assist in her aerial acrobatics.
Status: Rebel

Infinite the Jackal*
Once known as the “Ultimate Mercenary,” Infinite, then under a different name, was the captain of the Jackal Squad, a band of thieves and rogues. Raiding an Eggman base one day, he came across the Phantom Ruby for the first time. Eggman hired Squad Jackal to protect his facility while he studied the Ruby, Infinite as his new test subject. But when Shadow came in on a mission to infiltrate Eggman’s Facility, he destroyed the Jackal Squad, utterly defeating Infinite in the process. Disgusted by his own weakness, he donned a mask to forget the person he once was, and, with the power of the Phantom Ruby, became Infinite.

But Infinite was defeated. The Phantom Ruby was taken from him. And in his desperation to get it back, he drove away everyone who ever tried to help him. Now that he believes he has another chance, he is still willing to do anything to get it. Last that was heard from him, he disappeared, claiming to be searching for the Ruby’s power in other worlds. Outwardly, Infinite cares for nothing but his desire to watch the world burn. But he was once a passionate person. The Jackal Squad showed great respect for him. And when they were defeated, he swore vengeance for them.

In control of the Phantom Ruby, Infinite’s powers are, as expected, near-limitless. With the power to create virtual replicas of objects, individuals, and even entire realities, Infinite goes far beyond fooling others, his illusions being in every way as deadly as the real thing. He also has enhanced strength, speed, and the power of flight. But even without the Ruby, Infinite is a swift and agile fighter. Quite skilled with the ornate red blade he wielded, he wasn’t called the Ultimate Mercenary for nothing. He can also channel energy from the Ruby into the blade when he has both, allowing him to create slashing waves of energy through the air.
Status: Unknown

Zero the Hedgehog*

Zero is a Chaos-user from the distant past, who was sent on the same mission as Sonic; to gather the Temporal Sapphires in order to fight Chronos. Zero is a strong fighter, though he doesn’t much care for violence. His past is plagued by memories of the horrendous experiments he underwent, first transformed from a simple animal into a sentient being, and then subjected to nearly unbearable tortures. He eventually escaped, but drove away all the others there like himself in the process. He falsely blames himself for the destruction of his world, in an event he knows as “The Chaos War.” Perhaps most importantly, Zero became the first Controller, his very DNA imbued with the power of Chaos, a trait that would be passed on from generation to generation of Controller, eventually reaching Sonic. He and Sonic didn’t get along well together, but eventually became good friends. Zero tends to be quiet and secluded, but he is capable of caring deeply, and he will stop at nothing to help others in need.

Zero has the ability of the spin attack, as seems to be shared by most hedgehogs. He has quite a bit of brute strength. Like Sonic and Shadow, he is a Chaos-user, and he has the power to sense the presence of both Chaos Emeralds and Temporal Sapphires. Janice has suggested that his connection to Chaos runs far deeper than most others, giving him the power of Time Control. Time Control allows Zero to open a space-time rift on his own, as well as manipulating the flow of time around himself, slowing or stopping his opponents.
Current Status: N/A (Living in the past)

Silver the Hedgehog*
In the distant future, Silver lives to protect his world. Once a volcanic wasteland, Silver’s actions in time-traveling to his past allowed him recreate that future, now a practical utopia.

Of course, he remembers none of this. All he knows is that he now lives alone, endlessly protecting the future that he loves so much. But he can’t help but think that something is missing in his life. Something that might have been lost in a timeline that isn’t his own… In the past, Silver has been described as gullible, insecure, and naive, and all of this still seems to hold true to some extent. Silver didn’t trust Zero at first, but he eventually gave in to Zero’s insistence, and the two became very close friends.

Silver has the power of psychokinesis, which, while sounding wondrous, has been implied to be a rather common ability in his time. However, this power is greatly enhanced by his connection to the power of Chaos. He uses his psychic abilities in a variety of ways, such as lifting and moving objects, including himself and others, and creating shockwaves in the air. In a close-quarters fight, Silver is sloppy and reckless. However, when fought from a distance, he is truly a force to be reckoned with, and it’s just no use fighting him. Just like Sonic, Shadow, and Zero, he can use  the Chaos Emeralds, or “Miracle Gems” as he calls them, to access abilities such as Chaos Control. There’s not necessarily any reason that he can’t use the spin attack, but it’s certainly not his preferred method of attacking or jumping.
Current Status: N/A (Living in the future)

Chaos the Hedgehog*
Chaos is wise, yet enigmatic. He is in the process of training both Shadow and Sonic about the Chaos Emeralds and the nature of Chaos Energy. He stresses the importance of remaining calm and focused, and emphasizes a focus on meditation. Despite his usual calm demeanor, his ego is the largest of them all. In battle, he constantly taunts his enemies, and has no problem with referring to himself as a god. When surrounded by a well of natural Chaos Energy, he has been shown to have contact with an even more mysterious chorus of voices, the Lords of Chaos. The Lords of Chaos are a group of beings from some sort of other plane of existence, who are apparently somehow responsible for the creation of the Chaos Emeralds, and Chaos is, in fact, one of them. When a disruption in the timeline was noticed (due to Shadow’s meddling with Blacklight), Chaos was sent down to Earth in the form of a Moonstone, a tool intended to help save Sonic’s life. But when Tails started experimenting on the Moonstone, he accidentally gave it life, thus creating Chaos the Hedgehog. When Eggman took over the world, Chaos was defeated in battle by Blacklight, presumed dead.

Chaos has abilities similar to that of Sonic and Shadow. His connection to the Chaos Emeralds is direct, and they grant him abilities like none other, including exact premonition, in addition to the ability of “Chaos Shield,” a simple protective energy barrier. Most incredibly, he has the power to revert to the form of his original Chaos Moonstone, which Sonic can absorb his power and consciousness through. He is also a strong strategist. The color of his fur changes with his emotions, and he is white for most of the time.
Status: Presumed Deceased

Sunlight/Blacklight the Hedgehog*
Blacklight 2
Sunlight the Hedgehog was created 40 years ago as part of a secretive project at the ground research facility called EDEN. Lieutenant Alfred Robotnik, son of Professor Gerald, made him to correct the failures of the original Project: Shadow. Sunlight proved uncontrollable, and escaped from the facility, soon to meet his own demise. But when Eggman meddled in the timeline by sending him a Chaos Emerald, that all changed.

To repair the timeline, Shadow had to chase Sunlight, who took on the new name of Blacklight during that time, through time itself. Blacklight was defeated, but Shadow risked his own timeline to spare his life. In order to keep things as normal as possible, Blacklight was sealed in a pod and hidden a way in a place where no one was ever expected to find him. Null Space. But when Infinite finally found him there forty years later, he woke him up in a rage. Blacklight stole the Phantom Ruby from Infinite and used it escape, thus making his way into the present. A war, which became known as the Second Great Eggman War, ensued as Eggman tried to control Blacklight just as he did Infinite in the first war. But Blacklight betrayed Eggman, taking the territory of Eggmanland for himself. Eventually, he was once again defeated by Shadow, and had the Ruby taken from him.

When Blacklight joined Eggman once again, it was he who was betrayed, blasted by Eggman himself, and left for dead. Though Blacklight has strongly suggested that he wants Shadow dead, it also seems as if he is perfectly willing to work with him. Perhaps this is a facet of his bipolar personality. Or perhaps all that matters to him is proving that he is on the winning side. Regardless of his reasoning, he clearly has his own way of thinking, and his own purpose. He spent an unknown amount of time spying on Shadow’s every move, apparently quite obsessed.

Blacklight has been shown using the power of the Chaos Emeralds to manipulate the elements, including ice, fire, and void. Presumably, he has many similar abilities to Shadow, though he wears no Inhibitor Rings. His design is composed of seven colors, matching the colors of the Chaos Emeralds. In his Super Form, Black Night, his Emerald colors will all change to match the elemental power which he uses. With the Ruby, he has all the same powers as Infinite, though his taste in Replicas differs a bit.
Status: Presumed Deceased


Minor Characters

The Hard Boiled Heavies
Heavy King

Bio: Gunner, Rider, Magician, Shinobi, and their leader, King. Originally created by the Phantom Ruby in another dimension, these five modified Egg Robos now serve as Eggman’s elite team. Crossing over to this dimension in search of the Ruby that transformed them, they had no intention siding with this Eggman after having betrayed the last. But Eggman didn’t give them that choice. Only when they finally came to respect one another did the Heavies choose to willingly remain with Eggman. Intelligent and deadly, the Hard Boiled Heavies may each still have a few screws loose from the original transformation.
Status: Imperial

Sylvester “Sly” the Raccoon
Bio: Before she turned away from the life of crime, Sly was more than just a partner to Rouge. But once she betrayed him, he spent years in prison, waiting for the chance to escape. That chance finally came when he was approached by Fang, who helped him break out in exchange for loyalty. Though Sly plotted with the Anti-Rebellion to defeat Sonic and friends, he, in the end, chose his love for Rouge over his debt to Fang, and helped her thwart the very plan he’d helped create. For this act, he was executed by Fang.
Status: Presumed Deceased

Big the Cat
Big and his best buddy Froggy prefer fishing to fighting. He’s been on adventures with Sonic and friends before, but no one knew where he was when the war began. He was eventually found and brought into the team, where he now happily provides their primary food source. It’s rare that any other fishing-related task is found for him.
Status: Rebel

Jet the Hawk and the Babylon Rogues
Bio: Descended from the crew of an alien spacecraft that crash landed on Earth thousands of years ago, the Babylon Rogues, led by Jet, continue their ancestors’ legacy of thievery and racing. Jet is intensely competitive, considering Sonic to be his personal rival, but he rarely takes his leadership position seriously. Storm the Albatross, the team’s muscle, isn’t the brightest, but is fiercely loyal to Jet. Wave the Swallow, the brains of the team, does her best to keep the other two on track. Though they are employed by Eggman, they prefer not to take sides in the war.
Status: Rogue (Obviously)

The Jackal Squad
Bio: Once led by the Jackal known as Infinite, this large band of mercenaries was nearly destroyed on the night that Shadow raided Eggman’s Facility. Now, only three members remain: Colm, Tana, and their new leader, Seth. Colm is a strong pessimist, seeing the worst in every possible situation, while Tana always prioritizes the safety of the squad. Their cautious personalities do well to balance out the young and eager Seth. Though Seth is the youngest of the group, he spent years training by Infinite’s side, giving him seniority within the Squad. Colm and Tana respect him as a leader, and he’s certainly proven himself in battle. But Colm doesn’t hide the fact that he’d rather himself be the leader. In the time he spent with Infinite, whom he always knew as Captain Finn, Seth came to consider him his closest friend. When Infinite took on the mask and the Phantom Ruby, Seth thought the Finn he knew to be dead. But now, he isn’t so sure…
Status: Rogue

The GUN High Commander
Bio: Fifty years ago, the Commander, then a young child, had a best friend. Her name was Maria. When the ARK was shut down and Maria, along with the rest of his family, were killed, the Commander came to the only reasonable conclusion; that Shadow was responsible for it all. Swearing vengeance, the Commander joined GUN, and quickly worked his way through the ranks, becoming the sole leader of the worldwide military force by the time of the present. According to a deleted scene, it was he as a young soldier who discovered Shadow’s pod in Alfred Robotnik’s lab, and secured it in the hands of GUN. His rank is now so high, even his real name is classified. When the Black Arms attacked the planet, and Shadow, presumed dead, had just conveniently come back to life, the Commander could only assume that they were working together, and did everything he could to put a stop to Shadow. But when he finally confronted Shadow aboard the ARK, he learned that Shadow really couldn’t remember anything, really was just searching for answers, and was even remorseful over the event 50 years ago that he wasn’t even sure he was responsible for. That moment changed everything. When Black Doom was defeated, Shadow left himself at the mercy of the Commander, as he had promised. But instead of completing his vengeance, the Commander somehow convinced Shadow to join the ranks of GUN. The Commander is truly a military man. Sometimes his tactics can seem just a bit underhanded, but he always the strength of GUN and the safety of the world at heart. Hero was the last person to see the Commander on the day the war began. Though his survival seemed improbable, his true fate is still unknown.
Status: Presumed Deceased

Lumis the Shining
Bio: Once one of the mysterious Lords of Chaos, Lumis was sentenced to an eternity of silence as punishment for acting out against the will of the rest. However, when Chaos the Hedgehog was sent to Earth, Lumis managed to escape along with him, attempting the same Ritual he failed to complete ten thousand years ago. Though the Ritual was stopped once again, Lumis was granted a second chance, and has since returned to the Lords of Chaos, where he now watches over Sonic and Chaos with vested interest.
Status: Ascended

Gerald and Maria Robotnik
Professor Gerald, Shadow’s creator, and Maria, his closest friend, lived on the ARK along with Shadow before the the program was forcibly shut down by G.U.N.. Maria was killed by a soldier during that event, and Gerald was executed shortly afterwards. Maria was an extremely compassionate individual, and Shadow often uses her memory as a reminder to be a better person. Less is known about Gerald’s personality, besides that he cared deeply for Maria, and that he was driven mad when she was killed and the project was shut down. Regardless, he still had the planet’s interests in mind before then, having created the Eclipse Cannon in order to defeat the Black Arms invasion he knew would eventually come.
Status: Deceased

Lieutenant Alfred Robotnik
Alfred was on the ground, reading his father Gerald’s diary when the ARK was shut down, and his daughter Maria killed. When Shadow was ejected from the ARK on that day, it was Alfred who found him. Led to believe that Shadow was responsible for the deaths, Alfred became obsessed with creating a new, better Ultimate Life Form, without the addition of alien DNA. Ten years later, he awakened Sunlight for the first time. And after Sunlight, as Blacklight, was defeated, Alfred realized his errors, and swore to hide Blacklight away where he would never be found. An unknown amount of time later, he discovered the Phantom Ruby, and the Null Space held inside. Seeing his opportunity, he hid Blacklight in that Null Space. But, discovering the dark, destructive personality within the Ruby, Alfred attempted to save his world by banishing the Ruby the to another at random, which, conveniently enough, turned out to be Classic Sonic’s world. In the final days of his life, many years later Alfred hired the Chaotix to uncover the truth about Gerald, leading them to dig up the message that would inspire Shadow to defeat Black Doom.
Status: Deceased

King the Wolf (Wolfric King)
The sworn enemy of the Black Cloak, King took on the persona of a human businessman under the name of Wolfric, all part of his plan to seize power and develop a criminal empire in Westopolis after the Black Arms invasion. His technical genius, used to build his own mechanical prosthetic arm, was also a great component in this plan. The police force of the city was run by robots of his own invention. During the invasion, it was Shadow’s lack of control with a Chaos Blast that led to his injuries and the death of a loved one, leading him to an intense desire for vengeance, and an obsession over the imperfection of organic life. He was eventually defeated, and even in his final on-screen moments swore that he would one day have his revenge.
Status: Unknown

Janice and Chronos
 Janice and Chronos are mysterious entities from a place outside of normal space-time known as the “Timestream.” Janice was the apprentice of Chronos, the master of time, until she betrayed him, feeling mistreated and underappreciated. Janice was eventually defeated and humbled, and has since returned to work under Chronos. Experiencing time in a different manner than normal, the two have abilities which would be incomprehensible to a normal person, and have an objective understanding of the universe and extradimensional physics beyond any mortal.
Status: Ascended

Orbot and Cubot
These two shape-themed robots serve as Eggman’s personal servants. Neither of them are particularly intelligent, but Orbot is the older and wiser of the two. Both are prone to crack jokes, and in general don’t take Eggman’s commands very seriously. Surprisingly enough, they are some of the first artificially intelligent robots to remain completely loyal to Eggman. They don’t seem to like him very much, though…
Status: Imperial

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