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Cast by the Light

Cast by the Light is another FanFiction of mine, a novelization of Sonic Adventure 2. By its very nature, it is not directly related to The Chaos Project, but there actually are a few references hidden in there, thoughts and flashbacks that are heard in this story, but not in the original game, which do often relate to ideas which will be explored in The Chaos Project. There are also a few other differences between this story and the original Sonic Adventure 2, most of which simply exist for the purpose of reconciling the Hero Story with the Dark Story, which, surprisingly enough, actually did have several minor continuity differences between them. There are also a few changes in there to help the story reconcile with other Sonic games, minor contradictions between Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog, for example. And, lastly, there are a few creative liberties taken, mostly for the sake of telling the content of levels and bosses in a more cutscene-like format, but also just doctoring up a few bits of dialogue which were really, really awkward the way they were. Even though it doesn’t sound like it, I promise that I did stay as true to the original as I possibly could, and if you liked the original, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t like this.


Cast by the Light cover image

Anyways, I wrote this story before I wrote The Chaos Project, in order to get practice writing a Sonic story. I definitely think it helped, both in how much better I am now able to write for the characters, and in just discovering the correct writing style in general. Below is an episode guide for Cast by the Light. Each episode is named after a song from the game, such as “Throw it All Away,” the theme of Shadow, and “It Doesn’t Matter,” the theme of Sonic.


In the Shadow of Time

In the Shadow of Time is a different kind of story, which is neither a novelization, nor completely original. Instead, it is, in simple terms, an alternate universe ending to Shadow the Hedgehog (2005). But there’s more going on behind the scenes. The premise of the story is based around two simple questions. What would have happened if Shadow had chosen the dark path all the way through? And what might have influenced him to do that? This is a tragic tale of the fall of a hero, and the consequences of making the wrong choice.

Shadow of Time Cover

In the Shadow of Time Cover Art

A lot of people out there disliked the original story of Shadow the Hedgehog, but this interpretation is built to be a lot more cohesive and less confusing. Though it is based primarily on the all-dark story of the original, elements are taken from throughout the game, in order to tell a more complete story. And if you’re sick and tired of Westopolis and its associated cutscenes, I’ve got you covered. The story is built for people who have already been through that ten times over, picking up instead at The Doom, where the first clear changes from the original story occur. Each episode of Shadow of Time is named after one of the story paths in the original game, all culminating in “Punishment, thy Name is Ruin.”

Cast by the Light Episodes

Part 1: Throw it All Away
“Now, wake up, up, up, up…” The time of Shadow the Hedgehog’s awakening has come. And humanity hasn’t changed one bit since he was put to sleep. So that only leaves one thing to do. Fulfill the promise he is so certain that he made. No harm done if he has to fool a few suckers into helping him do it.

Part 2: It Doesn’t Matter
“I won’t give in, won’t compromise…” Sonic the Hedgehog has been kidnapped by G.U.N., the most powerful military force the world has ever known. And for our blue hero, there is no compromising. The only thing to do is break free, escape from the city, and discover the identity of the mysterious hedgehog who framed him.

Part 3: My Sweet Passion
“So many things I want…” And for Amy Rose, the top of this list is Sonic the Hedgehog himself. But when she accidentally stumbles upon Eggman’s newest plot, meeting with the mysterious Shadow, she becomes determined to set Sonic free and help him save the world.

Part 4: Fly in the Freedom
“I can go…by myself…” So thinks Rouge the Bat as she infiltrates the G.U.N. base in search of the Chaos Emeralds. But can she really succeed on her own, or will the island blow up with her locked inside? And can Sonic and friends make it out in time?

Part 5: Believe in Myself
“There are things that only I can do…” And Tails must do these things as best he can if the heroes are to put a stop to Eggman without getting caught by the police. Little do they know, Eggman’s group is already prepared.

Part 6: Unknown from M.E.
“I am fighting my own mission, nothing’s gonna stand in my way, no…” With Knuckles’ mission nearly complete, he has the time to help out the others. But when his needs become different from theirs, he won’t stop for them. Let’s just hope he doesn’t crash the space shuttle…

Part 7: E.G.G.M.A.N.
“I am the Eggman, with the master plan…” And as his plan continues to unfold, Sonic and friends realize they could be in the greatest danger they’ve ever faced. Will Sonic survive his trip to the ARK, and save the kidnapped Amy?

Part 8: For True Story
“Stars don’t twinkle, the moon doesn’t shine…” And the moon certainly can’t shine, now that half of it has been blown out of the sky. And up on the ARK, high in space, stars certainly don’t twinkle. Perhaps Shadow thinks of this as some metaphor for his own life as he begins the final conflict with his rival, while Tails and Eggman duel over the fate of Sonic, Amy, the final Chaos Emerald, and the world.

Part 9: Supporting Me
“I’m gonna be desperate… I’ll be losing you before long…” And this desperation could not be more true, as the explosive space colony hurdles towards the surface of the planet below, spelling the end of all life. The only way to save the planet is for Sonic, Tails Knuckles, Eggman, Rouge, and Shadow to all bind together in one final effort to stop the colony before it’s too late. But will Shadow really cooperate? He probably wouldn’t, if he knew he were speeding towards his own demise…

Part 10: Live and Learn
Can you feel life, movin’ through your mind…?” Shadow certainly could, as his entire life led up to his confrontation with his own prototype. Can Sonic and Shadow work together and save the planet? Will Shadow at last fulfill his promise? Or will he die, trying?

Epilogue: This Machine
“We all danced in fire, looking through the screen…” The final battle is long over. And Rouge has moved on with her life. But looking for treasure, she finds something else instead. Something she never could have expected.

In the Shadow of Time Episodes

Part 1: Revenge at Last
“Shadow, help me,” The Doomed girl cried. Thrown into a world of his own lost memories, Shadow must decide once and for all who he really is. Even if that means losing what’s closest to him. Revenge, at last, is at hand.

Part 2: The March to a Darker World
“Soldiers…march,” Shadow reluctantly commanded. So begins the path into darkness, as Shadow draws ever closer to his destiny. The March to a Darker World begins with Central City. And death to any who stand in its way.

Part 3: True Soldier of Destruction
“Destroy that craft, and kill their leader,” the alien lord commanded. And as a true soldier, Shadow has no choice but to obey. No matter what or who stands in his way. Once Shadow destroys the air fleet, there will be no turning back.

Part 4: Destruction and Scorn
“Finally…justice is served,” the ex-resident of the ARK shouted. Nothing but destruction and scorn awaits Shadow aboard the Space Colony ARK, the space gadget that was once his own home. A cosmic fall is imminent. And then the Black Arms can finally rule.

Part 5: Apogee of Darkness
“This is what I was born to do,” Shadow stated calmly, letting go of his final haunt. On the Black Comet, the paths of Light and Darkness finally cross. And when the Darkness reaches its apogee, the Ritual of Prosperity can finally begin.

Part 6: Punishment…
“Those heartless humans who stand in our way…I’ll destroy them all,” the hybrid soldier swore. Punishment for the humans is the last way, the only way to protect the planet from destruction. The Ritual of Prosperity has arrived. And Shadow will ensure that it succeeds.

Part 7: …Thy Name is Ruin
“You probably think…that I’ve become the greatest evil you’ve ever faced…don’t you?” The time for the final battle has come. A hero’s name is in ruin. It’s every Hedgehog for himself, Devil Doom take the hindmost. Everything must end in one great Boom.

Epilogue: To Defeat the Hedgehog
“We’ll fight again soon, Sonic. But next time, on my terms.”