About the Chaos Project

The Website

This is the official website for Sonic the Hedgehog: The Chaos Project, a FanFiction set in the universe of the Sonic the Hedgehog video games. For more information on that, look below to the next section, “The Story.” On this website, you’ll find all sorts of news, background information, and bonus content. I highly advise that any frequent reader of this story keep an eye on this site, or else miss out on all of the extra content that lies here. Below is a list of exactly what we do here at the website. By the time you’re done here, you should be an expert on how to navigate this site to the best effect.
News Updates: As soon as a link is available to the most recent episode of The Chaos Project, there will be a post about it here, including a brief teaser. Any other breaking news about the series will be posted here, such as dates and descriptions for upcoming special episodes. Lastly, in the horrific scenario that an official, canon Sonic the Hedgehog source comes out which directly contradicts already-written information in the series, I will make sure to thoroughly explain exactly how that affects the continuity of this series (additionally, if there is no direct contradiction, but an indirect one, or one which is otherwise dismissible, I will be sure to explain why the contradiction is able to be ignored, and what effects it might have).
Episode Reviews: Upon the release of each episode, a review will be posted for the previous episode. This review can include just about anything, including specifications of easter eggs and references seen in the episode, history on how the episode was conceptualized, planned, and written, general notes on how certain parts of the episode are intended to be interpreted, and other explanations on the episode’s significance in the series. These reviews are rich with exclusive information, and are a highly suggested companion read with the episodes, helping the reader get the most enjoyment out of reading.
Episode Guide: An entire page of the site is dedicated to cataloging each episode in an easily navigable way. Each listed episode will contain a link to the full episode on FanFiction, a brief teaser/description of the episode, and a list of spotlight charcters in that episode (remember, WordPress also has a convenient organizing system in the way of tags; you can always click on a tag such as “Amy Rose” or “[insert name here] Arc” to see a list of all posts relating to Amy Rose or whatever specific episode arc you wanted to look at).
Character Guide: There are a lot of characters in The Chaos Project, so you can always look here to get them clearly sorted out in front of you. Each character listed will include a sprite image in the style of Sonic Battle and the Sonic Advance series (since some of these characters are my own creations, you will see some pictures here that you can’t see anywhere else, which will be a big help in visualizing the story), a brief bio including that character’s history, personality, and role in the story, and lastly, current status (such as “Active Member,” “Unknown,” or “Deceased.”)
And More…

The Story

For those who don’t already know, The Chaos Project is a Sonic the Hedgehog story on FanFiction. The basic premise is that, in the universe of the video games, Eggman finally succeeds in his frequently mentioned plan to take over the world and establish the Eggman Empire. Sonic and friends are left with the task of toppling a world-government, no easy feat. The actual story begins on the day before the world falls, approximately one year after the known time frame of the video games. Quite a bit has changed over the course of that year. After the reader witnesses the world’s take-over, everything takes a step back in time to the beginning of that year, thus starting “Season 0.” All of the notable changes are explained over the course of Season 0, such as the introduction of multiple characters, and a few changes in overall attitude in some of the existing characters. Once Season 0 is completed, time will once more skip, this time to Season 1, set shortly after the original premiere.
One thing that a reader must be made aware of is that Shadow is being promoted to the status of backup main character. Sonic, of course, is the focus, but Shadow’s large story potential makes him very important to The Chaos Project. If you aren’t a fan of Shadow, then this probably isn’t the story for you. That being said, it’s certainly possible that you will appreciate how Shadow is changed and developed over time. However, one of the main purposes of this story is to make sure that every character gets their fair share of screen time, so it’s not as if Sonic and Shadow take up a majority of the series. If you are one of those people who think that one doesn’t buy a Sonic game to play as his friends, then this, once again, is probably not the story for you.
Another point of note is exactly how the characters are used. As aforementioned, the main premise is that Sonic is the leader of a rebel cell. This cell is full of other characters from the Sonic universe, understandably. Just about any character from the video game universe is fair game, though some older ones may be up to greater interpretation than others; some may be judged as entirely non-canon, while others may be reintroduced as if they had never existed before. Some may be used as is, it all depends on how much story potential the character in question offers. This array of characters may also include some of my own fan-made ones, but as I said before, they will not be taking the focus away from Sonic and Shadow, at least not any more than any other character.
Now that that’s out of the way, I can talk a little more about how the mechanics of the story work. Each “episode” (starting with Season 1, keep in mind) will focus on some number of characters, maybe just one, maybe a small handful, depending on the plot of the episode and the time and place that the episode occurs. Every character which can be categorized as an active member of Sonic’s resistance cell will be loosely cycled through. Some characters will get focus very often, some maybe not so much, but all generally spread out. Lastly, a few characters will not be officially part of Sonic’s cell, but may still be important enough to get intermittent appearances; these being labeled as “recurring” characters. Now, even though I use the word “cycles,” it’s less formulaic than it sounds. It’s not as if each character is literally taking turns in the spotlight. I merely mean to say that appearances will be spread out, rather than clustered together. Especially considering that combinations of characters between episodes can be greatly varied, there is no set order in which characters appear. All that is meant by “cycles” is that one character won’t likely take the focus again until other characters have also had an important appearance, with the intention that no reader will have to worry about getting bored of a character who appears too often, or suffer through reading about a least-favorite character too often.
Despite how it may seem, the character cast is not going to be maxing out right near the beginning, and it won’t become overflowed by the constant adding of characters. The opening cast is a lot like the cast of Sonic Heroes, with a few differences. After this point, it will be a rare occurrence for more than one or two characters to join the cast at a time. And most importantly, Sonic’s band of rebels will not remain static. Some characters may become incapacitated for long periods of time, essentially removing them from the cast. Some characters may be constantly away, or involved in other tasks, leaving them unavailable for the story unless necessary. Some characters may quit the resistance entirely. Some characters may die. All things considered, the cast will be in a frequent state of change, with the aforementioned simple goal of ensuring that readers don’t get too bored.

The History

I have been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog since the day I picked up Sonic Mega Collection as one of my first video games. Sonic Heroes quickly followed, and the rest was history. Even though I thoroughly appreciated the classics, it was the looming potential for great story in the 3D titles that really kept me coming back, and led to my purchase of the Sonic Adventure series, from which point I knew that I would never turn back (pun absolutely intended).
When Sonic Colors came out in 2009, I found that I just couldn’t put my heart into it. It felt like something was missing (besides the old voice actors). It took me some time, but finally I realized that that missing element was the story, something that previous 3D installments had done to a varying extent, but were all stronger than Colors. The Adventure series was a great start-off, Adventure 2 in particular. Heroes declined slightly, but ’06 would have been much better off as a movie than a video game with how thorough and complex a story it had. Unleashed was adequate, but Colors just lost it. That was how I first started thinking about what could be done to Sonic the Hedgehog lore to perfect that strong story potential. My thoughts turned to theoretical fictional game ideas involving the introduction of more complex characters, and delving deeper into the nature of the Chaos Emeralds (This will be adapted to FanFiction format and finally expressed in the form of “Season 0”). But it wasn’t until one fateful morning in the winter of 2011 (around the release of Generations) when I had a simple dream that just wouldn’t stop growing. The Chaos Project was born.
At first, what I had in mind was a simple mini-series, maybe 6 episodes at the most, with the main idea being shock factor. A lot changes happen over the course of many years between the original base for the Chaos Project and Season 0. And those changes would all be introduced at once, and then slowly explained through flashbacks, which would make up about half of the mini series. But I just couldn’t stop there. After I had finished thinking through the original series, I began to feel…bored (keep in mind that even at this point in time I had no clue that FanFiction even existed, so these were just ideas in my head). I had no means of writing the story, and no means of reading it. So the only way I could keep the ideas in my head was to go through the story in my head, over and over again. Finally, I decided that I wanted more. My thoughts first went to a prequel of sorts, an in-depth story detailing events which were only briefly glanced over in the flashbacks of the original. This idea has become the series premiere, set between Seasons 0 and 1.
After that, I would have wanted to be done. There was so much space between the prequel and the original, and events would be so spread out that there was no single point between them that I thought would make a good story by itself. But finally, around mid-2013, the thought crossed my mind: what if I were to fill in the entire gap, beginning to end? By this point I had learned of the existence of FanFiction, a perfect record-keeping system for a long, continuous story, as compared to the usual chunks of easily-remembered events. It seemed like an impossible task at first. How could I possibly come up with enough ideas to fill in years worth of events, without any major time-skips? Interestingly enough, my true inspiration, of all places, came from Star Trek: The Next Generation, a TV show which filled in the events of eight years, each year being one season. If they could reasonably fill in eight years within one show, with some episodes having great importance while others would act more as filler, why couldn’t I? Now I know that’s a silly question, they’re a professional studio with multiple writers working concurrently with the series, but the point still stands. It is possible. So, ever since then, I have slowly been brainstorming and stockpiling episode ideas, and I believe I have finally come to the point where I have enough ideas and enough spare time to begin writing.
So now we have come up to the present, where just recently the thought of how large of a project this would be led to the naming of The Chaos Project. Even though I said that I had enough ideas to start the series, the project planning is far from complete. While I’ve come up with many highly story-important events, the ability to make a filler episode still somewhat eludes me. I’d love to hear any ideas from any of my readers, however large or small the idea might be, which can be left as a comment, review, or PM, or preferably sent to my e-mail address, ChaosProjectAuthor@gmail.com.

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