Preview: Season 0, Episode 16


Sunlight strolls into town, apparently having left Shadow behind. It seems to be a lively late afternoon, with people walking about, and several market stands set up selling various wares. A few people eye Sunlight oddly, but he seems to go mostly unnoticed. He walks up to one stand, selling fruit.

The man attending the stand asks, “See anything you like, Mr. Hedgehog? We don’t get many visitors like you around here. What brings you to the area?”

“That’s not my name.”


“Mr. Hedgehog, however appropriate, is not my name.”

The man clears his throat. “Well then, my apologies, Mr.…” He waves his hand as an indication for Sunlight to finish.

Instead, Sunlight picks up a large, red fruit. “What do you call this…thing?”

The man shows growing confusion. “Umm…an…apple?”

Sunlight seems quite intrigued. “Apple, hm?” He takes a very large bite, and speaks before he’s finished chewing, “Hm, sweet.”

The man smiles again. “Just for you, that’ll be worth 20 Rings.”

Sunlight shrugs, and starts to walk off.

The man calls out with irritation, “Excuse me, sir!”

Sunlight turns back immediately when he realizes he’s made a mistake. “Oh, my, where are my manners?” He does a little bow. “Thank you for the…” He looks at the object in his hand again. “…apple!” He turns to leave again.

“Hey!” The man runs up to Sunlight and forcefully puts a hand on his shoulder “You can’t just–”

Sunlight turns and grabs the man by the shirt, easily lifting him into the air with just one hand, an odd sight given the difference in height between the two. “You know, it isn’t very nice to put your hand on people like that.”

“Sunlight!” Both turn their heads to see Shadow standing there. “Put him down.”

Sunlight shrugs, and drops the man onto the floor. The man shouts, “What kind of freaks are you!?” as he scurries back to the nearest wall. Neither of the hedgehogs seem notice him pulling out a phone.

Sunlight is busy pondering Shadow’s last statement. “You know…I don’t think I like that name. Sunlight sounds so…happy. Do I look happy to you?”

Shadow is transfixed on the apple in Sunlight’s hand. “Did you steal that?”

Sunlight seems confused. “Steel? No, this is an apple. You know, for eating.” He takes another large bite to drive in the point. “Wanna bite?”

It seems that Shadow is finally beginning to lose patience with Sunlight’s shenanigans, as he clutches his head in a hand and gives an exasperated sigh. He can’t help but think to himself, “This guy…is supposed to take over the world? The Lieutenant was right, he’s just like a child. And he can still be taught.” Out loud, he speaks, “Look, you can’t just take things from other people.”

“What, he could have tried to take it back if he wanted it. He would have failed, of course. But that just means I deserve it more.” He takes another bite. “Seriously, you have to try one of these.”

“You…you really believe that, don’t you? That you deserve whatever you can take?”

“Don’t you? After all, you tried to take the ARK for yourself.”

“No, I didn’t! I tried to save the ARK!” Sunlight seems to have struck a nerve. “That’s exactly what you should be doing! Saving people! We can do things that nobody else can! But with your attitude, you’ll just destroy the world with that power!”

“Are you…telling me what to do? And here I thought you actually wanted to be my friend. Ha. I should’ve guessed. Everyone just wants to use me.”

“Wait, no, I didn’t–”

Sunlight solemnly turns and begins to walk away.

“Sunlight, wait!”

He doesn’t stop or turn, but responds, “Don’t call me that. That name means nothing.”

Another voice shouts loudly, “On the ground, now!” A police squadron has shown up from the interior of the city, all pointing weapons at Shadow and Sunlight alike.


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