Preview: Season 0, Episode 12

The Black Cloak has finally been caught. Now all that remains for King is to remove the hood, and discover his true identity.

The Black Cloak mutters, “How could I have slipped up like this…?”

“Slipped up, you have, my irritating adversary.” From the shadows of the cavern, behind the lineup of androids, a pair of yellow eyes stare out.

Sonic says with disdain, “King.”

“Shut up, you. You are nothing to me.”

Sonic sighs in irritation, but obeys.

“And as for you…” Black Cloak remains almost impossibly still. “…you will drop to your knees. Now.”

“I…I’m not afraid of you.”

“Oh really? Well, you had me fooled. But just to make sure, let’s get one thing clear. Get on the ground, or my androids will open fire.”

“Your weapons don’t scare me. I won’t let you control me.”

“Oh, they won’t fire at you. They’ll fire at your little blue friend over there.” Suddenly, all the weapons in the room turn to face Sonic. A strangely distant, quiet voice can almost be heard shouting, “What!?”

Sonic tries to interject, “Don’t let–”

“I said shut up!” Sonic bows his head again. “So, tell me, hero. What’s it going to be? Your pride? Or the innocent life?”

Black Cloak looks from Sonic, to the androids, to the eyes of King. Finally, slowly, he raises his arms, and drops to his knees. “My life is yours. I surrender.”

“Oh, marvelous! I must give you credit, you are an intelligent man. And I am quite impressed at how you’ve managed to pique my curiosity so. But I must know. I must learn. Androids…bring him here. Let us see who this vigilante really is.” Two androids step out of line to grab Black Cloak by the arms, dragging him to the edge of the shadows. He doesn’t resist.

King’s mechanical arm reaches out from his place in the shadows, and firmly grasps the rim of Black Cloak’s hood. Sonic shows surprise at the robotic limb, but a look into King’s eyes reassures him. The two androids who broke formation still hold Black Cloak by the arms, but the rest have all stepped out of the way, leaving little resistance between Sonic and King. But then Sonic shakes his head. His eyes are drawn back to the Black Cloak. Little by little, his hood is being pulled back. First to be revealed are the red fringes streaking the top of his eyes. Sonic’s eyes fill with curiosity at the sight. “No…”


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