Preview: Season 0, Episode 11

Sonic and Black Cloak have been lost down a chasm, barely escaping the last fight with their lives. Now they must escape together. Maybe the Black Cloak is more open to teamwork than he first let on…

(A warning: this preview, and this episode as a whole, contains references to violence and some “animated” blood which may not be suitable for young children. I have still determined that the rating for this story should remain at K+, but just barely. Reader discretion is advised.)

Slowly, Sonic returns to consciousness. Though he opens his eyes, he still sees only blackness. “Wha…what happened?”

The voice of Black Cloak speaks from nearby, “You shoved us into the chasm, remember? You’re lucky I was able to break your fall, or you could’ve been injured a lot worse.”

“You don’t sound very grateful…considering I just saved your life.” He gets to his feet.

“I’ve been waiting on that encounter for a while now. It was supposed to be my way straight to King. Forgive me if I’m bothered at my own failure.”

Still a bit dazed, Sonic looks straight up. A small amount of dim moonlight filters down from high above. Some slight amount of visibility returns as Sonic’s eyes adjust to the darkness. Suddenly, he becomes aware of the mildly searing pain in his arm. He moves his hand up to cover the spot, and it comes away sticky with blood.

“The bullet grazed your arm. The one meant for me. You should get that wrapped up.”

Something dawns on Sonic. “You…you stayed here. Why didn’t you just leave?”

“Some hero I’d be if I left an injured man trapped at the bottom of a hole.”

“But I thought you weren’t a hero. You said that yourself.”

“Yeah, I– uh, I mean– you– ugh, nevermind! Forget I said anything…”

“What’s the matter? Did I hit a nerve? I was beginning to wonder if you even had any of those.”

“Come on. We need to get out of here.”

Sonic agrees to drop the last subject. “And how do you propose we do that?”

“You can use Chaos Control. Just warp us back up. You do have a Chaos Emerald, don’t you?”

Sonic pulls out his blue Chaos Emerald. Its soft light helps to illuminate the pit. “I…I could. But I shouldn’t.”


“Chaos Control…I’ve only successfully used it a few times in my life. And every one of those times, it was absolutely necessary. Do you have any idea…how dangerous it is?”

“Dangerous? I think you’re talking about the wrong Chaos power. I’d say you have it lucky.”

“I had never really thought about it before…before recently. Warping instantly to any location you can think of…one lapse in concentration, and you end up inside of a wall or something. I’m not going to take that risk, not unless I have to. And certainly not if I’m putting someone else at risk.”

Black Cloak thinks on that for a moment. “I…guess I never thought about it that way. Well, luckily for you, I do know another way out of here. But it will have dangers of its own.”

Sonic shrugs, but winces from the pain in his arm. Through gritted teeth, he still lets out a sarcastic, “Lead the way.” The two walk off, the Chaos Emerald lighting their way.


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