Review: Season 0, Episode 7

Oops, I broke the word limit again. But by much less this time. Between last episode, this one, and the overflow that I’m sure I’m going to have next episode, I easily could have just broken three episodes into four. But, as I said before, this arc has had way more episodes than I was originally planning anyways, and it’s beginning to drag on a bit. No reason to make this last any longer than it has to at this point. By the way, I decided to post this review a little late this time around, a full week after the original episode was posted. I figured that, since I’m now doing an episode every other week, it would be best if I could spread out all of my published content to accommodate, and make these off days that much more worthwhile. I will still post a preview for the next episode immediately after this.

Now on to content. I’m actually really curious as to how you, my readers, have reacted to this whole story arc. Did I make Janice’s betrayal too obvious, or did I leave enough doubt? Was it seeming like this was actually going to be the final battle, or was the lack of real Super Forms a dead giveaway? Sadly, I don’t get many comments on this story, so I will be forced to eternally ponder… Anyways, I actually had only the vaguest of ideas how this fight would go, but I wrote as I went, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Fight scenes are my weakness when it comes to writing, I’ve realized, so that really is saying something. On a little side tangent, I’d like to mention that the name Janice is actually a reference to the Roman god Janus, a figure associated with time who would oversee the beginning and end of war. The gender swap was mostly just to give her the illusion of being more innocent.

And that’s all for now, kind of a short one this time. Before I go, I would like to confirm that the next episode will be the finale of this arc, even if it takes twice the word limit I’ve set for myself. No exceptions.


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