Preview: Season 0, Episode 9

On the next episode of The Chaos Project, a hero will rise. On the streets of Westopolis, a city changed forever by the Black Arms invasion, legend speaks of a shadowy figure who protects the people from harm. Now, that legend has returned.

In a dim alleyway between two tall buildings, a woman walks, carrying a small purse. “Excuse me, miss?” She turns around to see a very large man addressing her.

“Wh-what do you want?”

“Oh, nothing much. You, see, it’s just that The Boss decided that he needs a little bit more out of you. You understand, I’m sure?”

“B-but I already payed my dues this month. Why does he want more?”

“Ooh, I’d be careful if I were you. It’s not a very good idea to question The Boss. The Boss gets what The Boss wants. So, are you going to hand it over?” He pounds a fist into an open hand. “Or am I going to have to take it from you?”

“P-please, I can’t afford another payment, not yet!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.” He begins to take several steps closer to her.

She cries out, “Somebody, help me!” Suddenly, a small, red projectile sticks into the floor between them, thrown from high above.

A deep, rumbling, artificially disguised voice shouts “Hold it right there!” Both of the humans look up, surprised, to the source of the voice. High on the top of the building, a silhouetted figure stands, with a tattered cloak billowing in the wind. The figure leaps from the roof, dives through the air, and lands gracefully on the ground behind the man.

The man turns to face his own assailant. The figure has the height of an animoid, but is covered head-to-toe in a skin-tight black suit. Outside of the suit is a dirty, tattered cloak worn around the shoulders, its hood up and shadowing the eyes. He also wears a pair of dark red gloves. The man starts to panic, “Hey, hold up, this all just one big–”

“Don’t play games with me.” The figure looks back to the woman. “Get out of here. Go on, go. This man won’t be bothering you ever again.”

“Who…who are you?”

“I’m no one. Now get out of here.” She obeys, and runs off. He turns back to the man. “Is this how you get your kicks? Stealing from innocent people? Disgusting.”

The man starts to back away in fear. “No, it’s not that, it’s…The Boss, he–”

“Just can it already. You and I both know that King didn’t ask you for anything. You just wanted to get him a little more than he was expecting. To save your own behind from some other slip-up, I assume?”

“You, you don’t understand, he, he, he has my family, if I don’t please him then he’ll, he’ll–”

“I know all about you and your family. Now I’m only going to ask this once. Where is King?”

“I-I don’t know where–”

He grabs the man by the shirt collar. “Answer the question!”

“I swear, I don’t know! I’ve never seen him face-to-face. But there is…a messenger. It’s the same man every time. I don’t know his name.”

“Do you know where I can find him?”

“I’m supposed to meet him at this time in a week. The corner of 25th street and Emerald Way. I don’t know anything else, I swear!”

“I believe you. Now get out of here.”

“The Bo-…King…. My family, he’ll–”

“He won’t get the chance. I’ll make sure of it. Now go. Take your family, and get as far away from Westopolis as you possibly can.”

“He’ll find us. He always finds them…”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.”

“…Thank you…stranger. Please, tell me who you are. Who, do I tell my children, saved us?”

“I don’t have a name. But some call me…the Black Cloak.”

Review: Season 0, Episode 8

Since I’m taking a longer break between episodes than usual, I decided to spread out my in-between content a bit more, so I’m publishing this today, and will publish the preview for next episode next week.

Well, I predicted 10,000 words for this episode in the last review I wrote, and I went just over 8,000. Still enough to make this episode the longest I have ever written, and probably ever will write. In fact, I believe this single chapter is longer than a majority of entire Sonic fanfictions that there are, considering that most of those are mini-stories or one-shots. So…sorry? I assume it’s a bit of a hassle to read such a long chapter, but I wanted to make sure that nothing was left unsaid.

So, where to begin? I feel a bit like Silver here, as if there’s so much to be said but none of it seems worth saying. So let’s start with Silver, then. I tried my best to make sure that everything I did with him wasn’t outside the range of his original character, but Sonic 06 made his original character a little bit hard to objectify and understand. So I took a lot of liberties. I feel that none of it was forced in and of itself, but I don’t know if that changes compared to the outside. As for Blaze, I had actually completely forgotten that she had ever been outright mentioned until I started writing his vision scene. But I realized that bringing her back in would not only be a very interesting conclusion to his character arc, but would also be better justification for him giving the locket to Sonic, which I had already planned. There was something said about her, however, that will eventually become very important. Only in post-apocalyptic futures, the existence of Blaze was a constant. Why, you might ask? The answer to come around the end of Season 3. Sorry for the wait, but I think it will be worth it.

I don’t think there’s anything important to be said specifically of Sonic’s or Zero’s scene, so I guess I’ll move on to the general. The Lords of Chaos are something that I’ve been throwing around for a while now in the story, and I’m glad to finally have them explained, in addition to a lot of the Flow, Balance, Network, Chaos mumbo-jumbo that I’ve been discussing. It’s probable that the Crisis of Chaos arc will make a little more sense now that you know all of this, but if you intend to re-read it I would advise waiting until I re-introduce Chaos and Blacklight as characters. Despite the sheer overload of information that the Lords of Chaos gave in this episode, there is almost none of it that isn’t important. For example, the mention of why gemstones are so important in relation to them directly pertains to Chaos the Hedgehog. But he’s not the only one. In fact, I intend to use this one little fact to tie a lot of the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series together. Sonic 06. Sonic Unleashed. Sonic Rush. It all ties back to the realm in which the Lords of Chaos exist.

Let’s see, anything else? I suppose I can mention that writing for the final boss fight was painful. It’s hard and boring enough to write about Super Forms smacking into the enemy over and over again when I’m just describing something that already happened, like what I did for the Finalhazard fight in Cast by the Light. But this time, I had to do it all from scratch, figuring out what the abilities of the enemy are, how to describe their weakness, and how each of the fighters uses their abilities in different ways, all without sounding stupidly repetitive. In the end, I feel like the Chronos fight was probably more interesting than the Janice fight. But hey, it’s supposed to be more fun to play, not to read about. Also…I’d like to mention that it was a complete accident/coincidence that the arc’s opening and climax were both in the cold and snow, coming full circle, so to speak. I decided on the setting in each for completely different reasons, and they just so happened to line up perfectly. By the way, the setting for the climax was chosen as a good place for each of the characters to put their abilities to the test, in addition to added drama of freezing in the blizzard. I thought it worked out pretty well. And I suppose that’s all for now.

Next time: when Shadow the Hedgehog goes missing in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Sonic must harden up and face one of his most deadly threats yet in order to find his friend. But who is the mysterious Black Cloak?

– And until next time, remember to live and learn every day!

S0 E8: Race Against Time Part 2

Hopefully, this double-length winter finale episode makes up for the fact that I’m a week late in publishing it (sorry). Read it right here!

Banished and unable to escape, each one blaming themselves, the hedgehogs must join with an unexpected ally to return to the Timestream and save the universe once and for all. But can they really overcome the power of the Temporal Sapphires? And what secrets lie in wait for them if they do?

Apologies and the New Note on Canon

First off, I want to express how truly sorry I am. I was scheduled to publish the next episode of The Chaos Project 6 days ago, and I missed it without a word. I was fully intending to until that very day, but something unexpected came up, and I’ve been completely unable to work on anything Chaos Project related ever since. I intend to publish it tomorrow instead, after which I’ll be taking a brief holiday break from publishing. I’m still stuck on this one episode, ad I’m up to over two months spent working on it.

The other reason I came here has to do with an interesting contradiction that just came up against my story. As you may know, the Sonic pack for the Lego Dimensions game was recently released, which, surprisingly enough, actually has enough of its own story to mess with the current canon. But I find it quite unusual how this contradiction occurred. In the game, the three classic models of Metal Sonic serve as boss fights, those being Metal Sonic classic from Sonic CD, Mecha Sonic from Sonic 3 & Knuckles… … …and Robo Sonic. The Sonic doppleganger from Sonic 2 (the handheld one), which I and the rest of the Sonic community have always known as “Silver Sonic” is referred to as “Robo Sonic” instead. See the problem? In The Chaos Project, I applied the name “Robo Sonic” to the unnamed Sonic robot seen in a pod in Sonic Adventure (called Silver Sonic v2.0 in the comics, further proof that there is supposed to be a Silver Sonic 1). Now, let’s be honest. Lego Dimensions isn’t exactly canon to the Sonic universe, or else Shadow would be a florist, among other canon-breaking jokes. That being said, this is technically the first time that this robot has been named within a video game, otherwise only existing in official statements and instruction booklets and whatnot, which are all technically non-canon as well. So for now, here’s how it is. Sonic News Network, one of my primary sources for research for my story, has not renamed Silver Sonic to Robo Sonic on the Mecha Sonic page, but instead included it as a trivia footnote that the robot has a different name in Lego Dimensions. Unless something more definitive happens to suggest that this new name is canon, I will treat it the same way, and S0 E4 will not be retconned to have the real Robo Sonic switch names with Silver Sonic (If you ask me, there’s not much Silver about that one. Looking at you, comics). If any such definitive evidence comes, I expect to apply the retcon that what I called Robo Sonic was actually Robo Sonic II or v2.0 or whatever (making my story line up better with the comics, ironically enough). But, once again, I don’t expect that to happen any time in the near future. That’s all I have for now, so see you tomorrow.

– And until next time, remember to live and learn every day!

Preview: Season 0, Episode 8

The hedgehogs have been banished to a place from which there seems no escape. They only have one hope left, the Chaos Emerald. Can they make it in time?

The hedgehogs have stopped. Steep, sharp, high-rising cliffs of ice rise high all around them. High on the top of the cliff directly in front of them, an opening deeper into the cave can be seen. Silver says, “I could probably get us up there. But it would take a while.”

Sonic steps forward. “No time. I’ll go, and bring back the Emerald as fast as I can.” Without waiting for a reply, Sonic runs straight for the wall in front of him. His momentum is enough to allow him to run up several steps. Just as he reaches his peak, he kicks off the wall and onto another, which he runs up for a few more steps. He continues this way, leaping from wall to wall, taking advantage of whatever foothold he can find, until he finally makes it into the opening at the top. He continues in at top speed, leaving his friends behind.


Sonic has reached a wide clearing in the very center of the glacier. The yellow Chaos Emerald lies in the center. “There it is.” He reaches down to pick it up.

Suddenly, his communicator goes off. “Sonic…I think this is it. This is the end.”

“Don’t say that Tails, I have the Emerald! We’re going to fix everything, right now!”

“I’ve taken shelter in the basement, the rifts seem to move slower through solid mass than they do through air. But they’ve made it all the way through. I’m surrounded on all sides. I only have a few minutes left, maybe less.” Sonic takes on renewed anger and determination at the words, but says nothing. “Sonic…I believe in you. You can fix this. If it’s possible to close the rifts, then it doesn’t matter if I get swallowed. It’ll be like it never happened.” He’s silent for another moment. “I was right. It was less. Sonic…good luck. I–” The message cuts to static.

“Tails? Tails? Tails!?” Static is the only response.

Sonic looks down to the Emerald he holds. He pushes it up slightly, and it begins to float into the air, orbiting around him. Six more Emeralds join it. He closes his eyes and clenches his outstretched hand into a fist. As his fist begins to shake, he begins to lift into the air. His quills raise up as if blown by an unseen wind, as his fur takes on a golden glow. The Emeralds around him orbit faster and faster, until Sonic’s eyes burst open, now a deep red color. “Chaos Control.” With those words, he disappears from the room.

Review: Season 0, Episode 7

Oops, I broke the word limit again. But by much less this time. Between last episode, this one, and the overflow that I’m sure I’m going to have next episode, I easily could have just broken three episodes into four. But, as I said before, this arc has had way more episodes than I was originally planning anyways, and it’s beginning to drag on a bit. No reason to make this last any longer than it has to at this point. By the way, I decided to post this review a little late this time around, a full week after the original episode was posted. I figured that, since I’m now doing an episode every other week, it would be best if I could spread out all of my published content to accommodate, and make these off days that much more worthwhile. I will still post a preview for the next episode immediately after this.

Now on to content. I’m actually really curious as to how you, my readers, have reacted to this whole story arc. Did I make Janice’s betrayal too obvious, or did I leave enough doubt? Was it seeming like this was actually going to be the final battle, or was the lack of real Super Forms a dead giveaway? Sadly, I don’t get many comments on this story, so I will be forced to eternally ponder… Anyways, I actually had only the vaguest of ideas how this fight would go, but I wrote as I went, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Fight scenes are my weakness when it comes to writing, I’ve realized, so that really is saying something. On a little side tangent, I’d like to mention that the name Janice is actually a reference to the Roman god Janus, a figure associated with time who would oversee the beginning and end of war. The gender swap was mostly just to give her the illusion of being more innocent.

And that’s all for now, kind of a short one this time. Before I go, I would like to confirm that the next episode will be the finale of this arc, even if it takes twice the word limit I’ve set for myself. No exceptions.