Review: Cast by the Light Part 9

Originally, I was planning on releasing parts 9 and 10 together, but I realized that I needed a little more time to work on the Chaos Project. Instead, I wrote an Epilogue that I will be releasing alongside part 10. Anyways, the first change in this episode came in the very beginning. As Eggman becomes concerned with with the ARK’s falling, I felt the need to make sure it was specified that the Cannon’s exploding and the ARK’s falling were not related incidents. Otherwise, Sonic would be responsible for nearly destroying the entire planet. That would have been bad. The next change came with Eggman’s explanation of the imminent danger. I don’t remember exactly what the original said, but I remember feeling that there theoretically wouldn’t be as much of a problem with what he was explaining as what the rest of the dialogue in the game ends up suggesting.

There is one creative liberty I took, seeing as this is a story instead of a game. In the previous scene, it was inferred that the game cut to the level just before Eggman began explaining the plan. Instead of having him explain it again over the radio, I had each character’s instructions explained through a flashback that occurred as they were going through the stage, which obviously wouldn’t have been possible in the real game. Another small change came in the form of Eggman and Tails’ goal in getting to the Cannon’s Core. Originally, their target was to destroy two security doors. For what I hope are obvious reasons, that makes no sense. Maybe one door would make sense, since they need an entrance in the first place. But after this, everyone ends up going through the same place, making a second door a complete waste of time and effort. Instead, I had security locks described, machines which prevent access through the single necessary entrance to the liquid-flooded area. Lastly, I modified Amy’s friendship speech to Shadow slightly, since I felt the original “they’re basically good” line was a little bit too awkward. And that’s all for now. Coming next is the most fun I’ve ever had writing for a fight scene!

– Until then, remember to live and learn every day!
(Apparently, I can’t align text to the right anymore, so this little outro doesn’t look as pretty. Oh, well.)


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