Review: Cast by the Light Parts 4 and 5

Much like with Parts 1 and 2, I’ve combined these two both for reasons of not enough free time and not quite enough to talk about in each individually. Starting with Part 4, I’d like to point out that Shadow’s flashback with Maria may just be the first indication in all of the Sonic series that the planet they live on is called Earth (“…what do you think it’s like on Earth?” The subtitles of the game even use the capital E). TV/comic diehards would have you believe that it is actually called “Mobius,” but I’ve looked hard for confirmation of that in the games and found none. I could be wrong that this is the very first use of Earth as a proper noun, but it is the earliest that I am aware of.

On to Part 5. During the scene inside the President’s limo, his aide said in the original game, “…reports show that since the incident three hours ago….” Problem is, “the incident,” according to the game’s timestamps, occurred at 18:00 the previous night, while the scene in question occurred after 9:03 the following morning, an absolute minimum of 15 hours. For the story, I generalized to twelve hours. Honestly, I have no idea how such a drastic mistake could have been made. One could argue that the people who wrote the script weren’t the same as the people who made the timestamps, but there is no denying that the incident happened at night, and the limo scene happened during the day. Three hours doesn’t cut it, and the writers of the script probably should have had that in mind. Or at least been in better contact with whoever decided to make the limo scene take place during the day. And that’s all! Just two little things to mention. But hey, the more you know, right?

– Now that you’ve done your learning today, remember to live a little, until next time!


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