Review: Cast by the Light Parts 1 and 2

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do reviews for this story or not, and I’ve been too busy to do it for the past couple of weeks anyways. But now that I’m back in my home state, and the first two episodes combined have enough to talk about, I decided that I would.

I suppose I’ll start with Omochao. When you get right down to it, there really was no need for me to include him in the story, or even acknowledge his existence. But if I had ignored him, that would have caused a bit of a problem if I ever decided to use him in The Chaos Project. Cast by the Light is intended to be the definitive, cannon version of the Sonic Adventure 2 story to The Chaos Project, so if Omochao isn’t there, that pretty much means he doesn’t exist as far as the story is concerned. So, I included him, and right-off-the-bat revealed more about his backstory than has ever been known before. But more on that when I decide to use him in the other story. One last point of note about Omochao is that nearly all of his lines during his conversation with Sonic are actually real recorded lines dummied out if the final game, almost as if such a conversation were meant to happen. Hmm…

Next up is the G.U.N. Walker fights. There was a little bit of bonus content both before and after Shadow’s fight. I thought it was a bit odd that Shadow seemed not to react in the slightest when he first saw the G.U.N. emblem, considering that a G.U.N. soldier murdering his best friend was the very last thing he had ever seen. I thought it necessary to rectify that, so I added a vague and confusing flashback in the style of the rest of the game. For the same reason, and given what we know of Shadow’s personality by that point, I decided to add a brief comment explaining why Shadow didn’t just kill the pilot. One last thing that I changed was what I can only assume was a glitch or an oversight in the game. In the original, the pilot fighting Shadow says “Enemy movement detected,” while the pilot of the Sonic fight says “Intruder has been located.” This makes absolutely zero sense, as Sonic is a fugitive, not an intruder, while Eggman, who had just freed Shadow, is an intruder, not necessarily an enemy. Given this, it only seemed fair to switch the two to their proper places. And that pretty much covers everything that’s important, though there are a few other minor things I won’t bother with.

– So, until next time, remember to live and learn every day!


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