Cast by the Light Part 6: Unknown from M.E.

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“I am fighting my own mission, nothing’s gonna stand in my way, no…” With Knuckles’ mission nearly complete, he has the time to help out the others. But when his needs become different from theirs, he won’t stop for them. Let’s just hope he doesn’t crash the space shuttle…

Review: Cast by the Light Parts 4 and 5

Much like with Parts 1 and 2, I’ve combined these two both for reasons of not enough free time and not quite enough to talk about in each individually. Starting with Part 4, I’d like to point out that Shadow’s flashback with Maria may just be the first indication in all of the Sonic series that the planet they live on is called Earth (“…what do you think it’s like on Earth?” The subtitles of the game even use the capital E). TV/comic diehards would have you believe that it is actually called “Mobius,” but I’ve looked hard for confirmation of that in the games and found none. I could be wrong that this is the very first use of Earth as a proper noun, but it is the earliest that I am aware of.

On to Part 5. During the scene inside the President’s limo, his aide said in the original game, “…reports show that since the incident three hours ago….” Problem is, “the incident,” according to the game’s timestamps, occurred at 18:00 the previous night, while the scene in question occurred after 9:03 the following morning, an absolute minimum of 15 hours. For the story, I generalized to twelve hours. Honestly, I have no idea how such a drastic mistake could have been made. One could argue that the people who wrote the script weren’t the same as the people who made the timestamps, but there is no denying that the incident happened at night, and the limo scene happened during the day. Three hours doesn’t cut it, and the writers of the script probably should have had that in mind. Or at least been in better contact with whoever decided to make the limo scene take place during the day. And that’s all! Just two little things to mention. But hey, the more you know, right?

– Now that you’ve done your learning today, remember to live a little, until next time!

Cast by the Light Part 5: Believe in Myself

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“There are things that only I can do…” And Tails must do these things as best he can if the heroes are to put a stop to Eggman without getting caught by the police. Little do they know, Eggman’s group is already prepared.

Cast by the Light Part 4: Fly in the Freedom

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“I can go…by myself.” So thinks Rouge the Bat as she infiltrates the G.U.N. base in search of the Chaos Emeralds. But can she really succeed on her own, or will the island blow up with her locked inside? And can Sonic and friends make it out in time?

Review: Cast by the Light Part 3

Not a whole lot to talk about here. I added quite a few thoughts to Rouge’s scene at the beginning, to help explain her otherwise very confusing thought process. I added the part where she actually uses the key she had found, because for some reason the original game really likes skipping those parts (it happens again later with Knuckles).

You may be noticing at this point that I tend to skip quite a few fight scenes, the fight between Tails and Eggman in this case. In general, I find fight scenes to be pretty slow and boring to write, and I can’t imagine they’re a whole lot better to read. Action is something meant to be watched. Even if this wasn’t a factor though, I’m always faced with the serious problem of the fact that I can’t write the characters being hit by missiles and lasers and bullets and spikes, I just can’t. Sure, I could explain that they lose the rings they had collected when this happens, but this would seem like a complete joke placed in the middle of these very serious scenes, ruining the relatively realistic feel that I’m going for. So then it comes down to the individual scene, where I have to ask myself, “What can I get away with having them get hit by, and how can I cleverly explain why they aren’t hit (or are, but aren’t injured) without seeming repetitive?” If the answer to these questions are “nothing, and I can’t,” then I’m forced to skip over the scene, leaving the inferred action up to the reader’s mind. I could probably have gotten away with explaining off the lack of injury for this scene with shields of the mechs or something, but then I would have to show each of the two fighters getting hit with multiple missiles in order to justify the damage that the two mechs had sustained, which would have gotten very boring, very quickly. Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.

– So, until next time, remember to live and learn every day!

Cast by the Light Part 3: My Sweet Passion

After all I did to get the last episode out early, this one’s a bit late. Oh, well.

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“So many things I want…” And for Amy Rose, the top of this list is Sonic the Hedgehog himself. But when she accidentally stumbles upon Eggman’s newest plot, meeting with the mysterious Shadow, she becomes determined to set Sonic free and help him save the world.

Review: Cast by the Light Parts 1 and 2

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do reviews for this story or not, and I’ve been too busy to do it for the past couple of weeks anyways. But now that I’m back in my home state, and the first two episodes combined have enough to talk about, I decided that I would.

I suppose I’ll start with Omochao. When you get right down to it, there really was no need for me to include him in the story, or even acknowledge his existence. But if I had ignored him, that would have caused a bit of a problem if I ever decided to use him in The Chaos Project. Cast by the Light is intended to be the definitive, cannon version of the Sonic Adventure 2 story to The Chaos Project, so if Omochao isn’t there, that pretty much means he doesn’t exist as far as the story is concerned. So, I included him, and right-off-the-bat revealed more about his backstory than has ever been known before. But more on that when I decide to use him in the other story. One last point of note about Omochao is that nearly all of his lines during his conversation with Sonic are actually real recorded lines dummied out if the final game, almost as if such a conversation were meant to happen. Hmm…

Next up is the G.U.N. Walker fights. There was a little bit of bonus content both before and after Shadow’s fight. I thought it was a bit odd that Shadow seemed not to react in the slightest when he first saw the G.U.N. emblem, considering that a G.U.N. soldier murdering his best friend was the very last thing he had ever seen. I thought it necessary to rectify that, so I added a vague and confusing flashback in the style of the rest of the game. For the same reason, and given what we know of Shadow’s personality by that point, I decided to add a brief comment explaining why Shadow didn’t just kill the pilot. One last thing that I changed was what I can only assume was a glitch or an oversight in the game. In the original, the pilot fighting Shadow says “Enemy movement detected,” while the pilot of the Sonic fight says “Intruder has been located.” This makes absolutely zero sense, as Sonic is a fugitive, not an intruder, while Eggman, who had just freed Shadow, is an intruder, not necessarily an enemy. Given this, it only seemed fair to switch the two to their proper places. And that pretty much covers everything that’s important, though there are a few other minor things I won’t bother with.

– So, until next time, remember to live and learn every day!