Welcome to the Site, and Sorry for the Delays

This is going to become the official website for a Sonic the Hedgehog FanFiction, including special images, news, and other exclusive information. If you’re interested, keep an eye on the site. I expect the story to be out within a couple of months, maybe less.

Despite the above mention of an upcoming release, I’m afraid that writing is going a bit slower than I was hoping. Currently, I am in the process of writing episode 6 (episodes are between 3000-5000 words each). At the rate I’m going, I’m writing about one episode every two weeks. Ideally, episodes will be made available to the public at such a time that, being posted exactly once a week, the writing of the final episode of the season will be completed before that episode would be published. Writing one every two weeks, but posting one every week, that would mean that I will shoot for posting the first episode once I am exactly halfway through the season. And that is still quite a ways away. However, if I find that more than just the one or two people who have visited this site before are coming back, I will probably post a preview of the first episode here on the site before it comes out on FanFiction. In the meantime, please enjoy what I’ve managed to put together on the site so far. Even the two pages made contain quite a bit of information and content that might improve the experience of the story when it comes.

-Until next time, keep livin’ and learnin’!